Sigil Emporium – The Corrupted Skull

The Corrupted Skull truly looks like it was taken from the body of demonic hellspawn. It has three eye-holes, twisted goat-like horns, teeth reminiscent of a canine predator, and runes and markings have beeb scrimshawed all over it. Simply looking at the Skull leaves one feeling uncomfortable, never mind holding it. However, if the stories […]

Sigil Emporium – Necklace of Discordia

Vanity is a sin, yet humanity has not and seemingly will never learn that lesson. Once, so legend claims, the gods decided to make an example out of a beautiful queen and so teach all her subjects and everyone who would hear her tale of the dangers of pride and vanity. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. […]

Sigil Bestiary – Hobgoblin

Contrary to popular belief, hobgoblins are not demonic creatures set to ruin civilisation, although they are often devilishly tricky. Hobgoblins, or hobs for short, are small gnome-like creatures that are attracted by civilisation like moths to a flame. Once they find a human settlement, they search for just the right house, manor, castle or residence […]

Sigil Emporium – Dripping Ring

Greed is a terrible thing. It can push a man to ambitious heights, but it robs him every step of the way up that mountain. With the accumulation of worldly goods comes the jealousy of hoarding them from others. It is not enough to have; you must make sure others never get it. A greedy […]

Sigil Bestiary – Wolf

More than any other creature (mundane or magical), it is the wolf that is man’s archenemy. It is the wolf that we fear in the dark; the wolf that makes us tread lightly in the wilderness and peer over our shoulders in the deep forests. The wolf represents everything that is cunningly brutal and brutally […]

Sigil Emporium – Invisible Blade

Once upon a time, an unlucky man tripped over something he did not see. When he looked backed, there was nothing. Convinced that he wasn’t going crazy, he investigated some more, feeling around for what could be there. This very unlucky man sliced open his hand against seemingly thin air and watched his blood hang […]

Sigil Emporium – Labyrinthine Twine

Made of the most lustrous and shining silver that never dulls nor tarnishes, and less than a foot in length, the Labyrinthine Twine is as much a curiosity as it is a wonder. This short metal thread seems to look like any pendant or bracelet until you hold it firmly in your hand, close your […]

Sigil Bestiary – Demiurge

Neither the mortal realms nor the aether were created from nothing. The world creates the aether just as the aether creates the world. A continuous cycle of symbiotic creation and destruction that has gone on for an eternity and will continue on to infinity. Within the aether, the entities responsible for this creation often cross […]

Sigil Emporium – Orb of the Twin Suns

As large as a human skull and as heavy as the souls of men, the Orb of the Twin Suns still sits comfortably in a man’s hand, as if it was made to be hefted and thrown about. It is an ancient weapon from a more primitive time, when throwing something was the best way […]

Sigil Bestiary – Vampire Lord

Most vampires abhor their existence. They hate what they have become, and rue the day they became a vampire to haunt the living. Vampire Lords, however, revel in their undead majesty. Their vampiric lives are far richer than their mortal selves ever were, both financially and experientially. They have lived for centuries and slaughtered thousands […]

Sigil Emporium – Staff of the Falcon

They say he was the greatest wizard of all time, yet none today know his true name. All that remains of this once great mage is his staff and the legends that surround both it and him. The Falcon’s Staff is a weathered and beaten old staff that a casual onlooker would never even pretend […]

Sigil Bestiary – The Soul Eaters

We have gotten halfway through the Sigil Bestiary with our 50th entry posted last time. So now seems like the perfect time to introduce something extra that will come along with the Bestiary once it gets published: a new character archetype with rules and mechanics specifically to interact with the Bestiary. So let’s have a […]

Sigil Emporium – Sapphire Sage Staff

The implement of the Sapphire Sages is less of a staff, and more of a cane. Yet, the added alliterative appeal of the name has ensured its survival down through the ages. The Staff is entirely indistinguishable from any other cane or walking stick, perhaps with more decoration, but what makes it unique is that […]

Sigil Bestiary – Demon Prince

Of all the myriad creatures that live across the aether’s seas, there are none that hate humanity as much as the Demon Princes. Man is everything a demon is not, and has everything he could want. Avarice and jealousy form the core of the Princes. They will never rest until they have taken everything that […]

Sigil Emporium – Philosopher’s Stone

The magnum opus and dream of all alchemists, and for good reason. The Philosopher’s Stone carries within it the purest essence of transmutation, allowing it to alter the physical make up of an object to match another’s. You can turn lead into gold, glass into diamonds, and soil into titanium. With the Philosopher’s Stone in […]