Sigil Emporium – Djinni’s Lamp

Djinn are powerful aetherial creatures with the power of smoke and fire. While they make their homes in the deserts and wastelands outside civilisation’s reach, they often intrude onto our lands to wreak havoc and conquer mortal realms. Many don’t make it back to their wasteland sanctuaries, and those few that are not killed in […]

Sigil Bestiary – The World Ender

The Children of Merovech called it the Tarrasque; the rest of the world called it the eater of cities and the ender of worlds. This gigantic scourge of God has been called half dragon, half animal, and half fish. It has the head of a lion with teeth as long and sharp as swords, the […]

Sigil Emporium – The Cauldron of Chalcedon

Named after both where it was found and what it is made of, the Cauldron of Chalcedon is a dark spectre in this world. Made of red and black onyx chalcedony, the meter-high cauldron looks as if there is an ever-swirling vortex of blood on its surface. This macabre pattern is as beautifully ominous as […]

Sigil Bestiary – Demigod

Born to be kings and princes of the universe, Demigods are well and truly better than other men. They carry within them the spark of divinity, and are technically only half-mortal as one of their parents is a god, spirit or other aetheric entity. Whatever their divine heritage, they were born faster, stronger, more charismatic […]

Sigil Emporium – The Dawnstar

Just as there are monsters in the dark that beset mankind on all sides, there are heroes that stride defiantly into the dark to save humanity. For these brave heroes, there is no better weapon than the Dawnstar. Gifted to the brave and virtuous by the divine Princess of the Dawn, the Dawnstar is the […]

Sigil Bestiary – The Erinys

As a poet once said of them: “the Erinyes, that under earth take vengeance on men, whosoever hath sworn a false oath”. The Erinyes, singular Erinys, were created for one specific task: to hear the prayers brought by mortals against the insolence of the young to the aged, of children to parents, of hosts to […]

Sigil Emporium – Glow Spores

Deep beneath the earth, in the harshest of climates, there grow subterranean fungi that would, all things being equal, never have become anything more than a footnote in botanical history. However, fate had other ideas. The otherworldly creatures of this inhospitable underworld took a liking to this fungi. They ate all that they could find, […]

Sigil Bestiary – Demon Legionnaire

They are called Legionnaires, for they are many. These footsoldiers of hell are as wicked as they are innumerable. They are frontline of hell’s assault on the mortal realm, and their only concern is to cause as much carnage as possible before they are sent screaming back to hell. Legionnaires are atrocious to behold, but […]

Sigil Emporium – Crown of the Elemental King

They say that long ago, in a distant land, there lived gods among men; rulers of civilisations who could command the natural world as easily as they did men. These kings were blessed by the gods with Crowns that gave them ultimate control over a specific element. And over time e they, and their kingdoms, […]

Sigil Bestiary – Titan

The greatest of all giants and rivals to the gods, the Titans are the undisputed lords of creation. They are able to wrestle elder dragons, tame leviathans, and hunt behemoths for sport. Truly there is nothing a Titan cannot do. Or, rather l, nothing a Titan could do. Those halcyon days of Titan supremacy have […]

Sigil Emporium – The Godslayer

There are few things which can kill a god, but this spear is one of them. By all accounts, it was an ordinary spear, fashioned of wood and iron, wielded by a very ordinary soldier. Yet, on one auspicious day, it managed to do the impossible: slay a god. From that day, it has become […]

Sigil Bestiary – Molbara

Neither plant nor animal, these so-called land-octopods are fearsome, ravenous beasts that devour all in their path. Being little more than a mouth with tentacles, one would think these monsters are intelligent consumers, but that could not be further from the truth. There is a bestial but cunning intelligence within them, able to outthink and […]

Sigil Emporium – Magic Carpet

Well, more of a rug, really. This Magic Carpet, as its name implies, is an enchanted handmade rug in the oriental fashion. These beautifully made Carpets usually sit at around 1.5 metres wide by 2 metres long, and while can tie any room together to make a home look stunning, their main purpose is as […]

Sigil Bestiary – Caretaker Automaton

When the ancient precursors departed this world, they left behind them a multitude of hidden workshops, laboratories and foundries scattered across the known world. Within this underground lairs, their artificial children carried on with their assigned tasks, unaware of the world outside or that their parents had abandoned them. Now, countless centuries later, these Caretaker […]

Sigil Emporium – Hand of Glory

The Hand of Glory is as powerful an artefact as it is macabre. Anyone with enough skill and knowledge can create a Hand of Glory, and yet it is still a rare sight in the lands, but the few which do exist are the best friends of thieves and felons, as it allows you to […]