Sigil Bestiary: The Dark Knight

This time on the bestiary we bring you a figure of mystery and might: the Dark Knight. The Dark Knight is a figure clad in dark armour, black robes, and a bleak air of mystery. No one sees beneath his helm and lives, and none may pass him unless he wishes it. The Dark Knight […]

Pixelated Posts: The Sage

As we get closer to revealing our mystery upcoming game, here is the Sage, the master of mental magics, majestically maneuvering his way through your timeline, messing with the minds of all those who stand in his way.

Sigil Bestiary: The Succubus/Incubus

This time on the bestiary, we bring a monster who can fulfil your every desire: the Succubus/Incubus. Succubi and Incubi are two names for the same monsters. These demons from the second level of hell can change their shape to meet any demand, desire and fantasy. They can look like anyone from your favourite dream […]

Sigil Bestiary: The Spriggan

In this bestiary post, we travel through the wilderness to meet a mischievous and unpleasant fairy: the Spriggan. The Spriggan is a fae spirit of nature, appearing as ancient, ugly old man with a large bulbous head and a disposition for trickery and mischief. It behooves travels to not get on their bad side as […]

Pixelated Posts: The Priests

Up next for our mysterious upcoming game is the Priest, shepherd to the innocents, calmly and sedately making his way through your timeline, keeping all around him in good spirit.

Pixelated Posts: The Templar

Up next for our mysterious soon-to-come game is the kingly Templar, royally marching through your timeline looking for foes to smite. He is a lion amongst cubs and for a man wielding an obscenely large warhammer, he can go toe-to-toe with the nimblest of enemies, all the while keeping his allies in good health.

Pixelated Posts: The Frostlord

Next up in the previews for our upcoming game of magical mysteries is the Frostlord! He’s a crabby and grumpy old man, stomping his way across the battlefield, freezing everything in his way. And if that doesn’t work, he has a mighty ice-axe to finish off any rambunctious youth that gets within arm’s reach.

Pixelated Posts: The Scoundrel

Next up in our sneak-peeks for our upcoming not-so-secret game is the Scoundrel! Two-faced and conniving, the Scoundrel is your secret card up your sleeve. As good at backstabbing with his twin daggers as he is sneaking around, no one will see him until it’s too late.

Pixelated Posts: The Ravager

Next up in our sneak-peeks for our upcoming not-so-secret game is the Ravager! Bullish and stubborn, the Ravager has the strength of ten men and the patience of precisely none of them. Once he sets his mind to something, he intends to see it done come hell or high water. Armed with nothing other than […]

Sigil Bestiary: The Mage

In this bestiary post, we’ll look at the arcane masters of the universe: the Mages. Filled with mysterious knowledge that no man should know, these magical scholars can be powerful allies and dangerous enemies. They can bend the universe to their whim, and reshape reality as they see fit. Combat 30 Social 60 Explore 50 […]

Sigil Bestiary

We’re starting a new blog series today: the Sigil Bestiary! In each blog post, we’ll show you one (or two if we’re feeling fancy) enemies/opponents/monsters that you can encounter and overcome in the Sigil System. All in all there are a 100 entries in the Sigil Bestiary, and once this blog series is done, we’ll […]

Playing Sigil Solo: NPCs

Whether you’re stuck in a lockdown or social distancing, or you don’t have a game coming up soon and you need to scratch that RPG itch, you can always play an RPG singleplayer. In this series we’ll be taking you through how to play the Sigil System as a singleplayer-RPG, and last time we gave […]

Sigil System 1.4 Released

The Sigil System 1.4 is now available for download! The major addition to 1.4 is the Downtime rules, which you can find starting on page 37. Downtime is that space in-between adventures where you can slow down, take a breather, and get to work on some things you’ve had in mind. It’s also a grand […]

The Sigil Story Journal

We are always working to make the Sigil System better and better. Perfection can never be attained, but we will damn well get close to it. And as of today, the Sigil System is one step closer to that point than it was yesterday. Introducing the Sigil Story Journal! The Story Journal is a quick […]

Sigil Casino Games: d100 Baccarat

It’s been a while since our last Sigil Casino post, but we’re back to show off a card game almost as popular in casinos as poker and blackjack: Baccarat. Baccarat For the uninitiated, Baccarat has deceptively simple rules. Each player gets dealt two cards and adds up the numbers on the cards. The closest to […]