There once was a criminally insane poet, who rhymed all his life as he knew it. They said his vocabulary was quite small, yet he cared none at all, for there was nothing he would do to prove it. It was a dark and stormy night, when a devil gave him quite a fright. The devil said he would do well, if his soul the poet would sell, then his words would shine with dazzling light.

His name spread far and wide, through all the lands and across the tides. Yet his end did draw near, and of his soul he did fear, for to the devil he would have to provide. To a witch he went named O’Raph, but at his sad tale she did laugh. So her enchantments he stole, in return his body she took control, and threw his screaming soul into her staff. In his staff he sits and he waits, and mischief for mages he creates. With his tricks and his treats, his sly lies and his cheats, he creates poetry of magic that none ever negates.

Name: Staff of the Mad Poet

Weapon: Light Melee Weapon

Blessing: You may use the Staff to cast a random incantation from the Runes of Power Sigil Mod (chosen or created each time by the GM). You do not know what incantation is cast, and must deduce it from the effects. Whenever an incantation calls for a Skill Level, roll a d100 and use the result as the Level.

Curse: Whenever you use the Staff, the GM chooses two of your Skills. Swap these Skills’ Levels for the remainder of the session. If a Skill is chosen again later in the session, use its newest Level value when swapping it with another Skill.

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