d100 Recipes: Corn Fritters & Cold Brew Coffee

Tabletop RPGs aren’t always played in the afternoons and evenings. Some of the best games I’ve had were when we all showed up first thing in the morning, bright and bushy tailed, ready for a whole day’s worth of gaming. For those early starts, you need a little something to kick off your day, and […]

d100 Recipes: Chocolate Burger & Chocolate Mousse

Who doesn’t love burgers and chocolate? Well then, why not have the best of both worlds with a chocolate burger? Surely, it’s the next logical step, right? And to go with your chocolate burger, why not some chocolate mousse? No one ever says you can have too much chocolate. Chocolate Burger Ingredients 1kg/2.2lb beef/pork mince […]

d100 Recipes: BBQ Skewers & Fruit Smoothie

It’s as cold and wet down here in New Zealand as the day is long, but you northerners are having quite a lovely summer I hear. So in honour of your heat waves, here are two quick summer recipes for today. BBQ Skewers Ingredients 500g/1lb of meat 2 cups of chopped vegetables 12 wooden skewers […]

d100 Recipes: Quick Curry & Panna Cotta with Fruit Coulis

We here always want to give you the tastiest food with the simplest recipes, so that you can make your gaming nights the tastiest nights of the week. So this week we give you an easy meal that takes a wee while to cook, so that you can make the dessert in the mean time. […]

d100 Recipes: Scotch Eggs & Mulled Cider

We’re in the proper depths of winter down here in NZ. It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s rainy and overcast. It’s about as dreary as jolly old England, so for this week’s recipes I looked to the UK to inspire some comfort food on these dreary of days. Scotch Eggs Ingredients 8 large eggs 8 large […]

d100 Recipes: Savoury and Sweet Roly Poly

They say that simple is best, and what can be more simple than the good old roly poly? It’s tasty, filling, versatile and very easy to make. We love it so much that we are giving you two roly poly recipes today, a sweet and a savoury one. And what’s more is that they both […]

d100 Recipes: Quick Dips & Easy Punch

A tabletop game night is a social night, and that means often a lot of simple, salty snacks and a fair few thirsty throats. This week, we’re taking care of both of those with some dips for your snacks, and a big bowl of punch for the thirsty folk. Quick Dips French Onion Dip 1 […]

d100 Recipes: Lazy Pie Dough and No Bake Cheesecake

It should come as no surprise that we nerds can be a bit lazy from time to time. There’s a grain of truth in every stereotype after all. But as lazy as we are, we still want tasty food, and that’s what this week is all about: easy, lazy recipes that are still tasty. So […]

d100 Recipes: Chicken Parm Bites & Iced Tea

We’re staying with comfort food for this week’s recipes, but instead of taking the theme from the southern hemisphere, we’ll go the south of the good old USA. Chicken Parm Bites Ingredients 500g/1lb chicken, boned and skinned 2 cups of bread crumbs (Panko preferably) 1 teaspoon of garlic powder 1 teaspoon of paprika ½ cup […]

d100 Recipes: Beef Stew & Bread and Butter Pudding

It’s getting proper chilly down here in the southern hemisphere, so we need some good hearty food to keep us warm. And what’s better than a beef and beer stew, and a good classic pudding? Beef Stew Ingredients 100g/4 ounces of bacon, diced 1kg/2 lbs of stewing beef, roughly cut 2 onions, chopped 2 cloves […]

d100 Recipes: Meatballs & Malt Milkshake

The theme for today is lazy alliteration, so you can marvel at the magnificent meatballs and mind-blowing malt milkshakes… and see the easiest way to make both. Meatballs Ingredients 1kg of beef mince 1 onion 1 carrot 250g/9 ounces of mushrooms 250g/9 ounces of sundried tomatoes 2 large eggs 2 slices of bread 100g/3.5 ounces […]

d100 Recipes: Kiwifruit Steak Marinade & Peach Cobbler

Since you lovely people in the northern hemisphere are going through the sunny summer months, we thought of giving you some tasty fruity recipes Kiwifruit Steak Marinade Ingredients 2 cups of chopped kiwifruit 1 ½ tablespoons of soy sauce 1 ½ tablespoons of tomato sauce/ketchup 4 minced garlic gloves 2 ½ tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce […]

d100 Recipes: English Scones and Bubble Tea

Just because you are playing a grown-up game of pretend, doesn’t mean you can’t look classy doing it. For this week’s recipes, we’ll give you everything you need to make an east-west fusion high tea, so you can be classy, international, and most importantly: well fed. English Scones Ingredients 2 cups of self raising flour […]

d100 Recipes: BBQ Ribs and Afrikaans Pancakes

It’s getting cold down here in the southern hemisphere, and that means one thing: comfort food; and what better comfort food is there than some good, old hearty ribs and pancakes the way we make them in South Africa. BBQ Ribs Ingredients 1kg (2.2 lbs) pork spareribs ½ cup of brown sugar ½ cup of […]

d100 Recipes: Bacon Jalapeno Poppers and Stamina Potion

We’ve already shown you the Health Potion and Mana Potion, so the only main one that remains is the Stamina Potion; and of course a pick-me-up snack to go with it. Bacon Jalapeno Poppers Ingredients 12 jalapeno peppers 1 cup cream cheese 1 cup grated cheddar cheese Salt, pepper and paprika to taste Equipment Oven […]