There are many myths that surround the origin of the Chimaera. Some believe it to be the offspring of the mother of all monsters, a perfect example of all that is decrepit, disgusting and degenerate about the monsters that haunt this world. Others believe that this ornery beast was created by the gods to be the scourge of man; a punishment for our transgressions, and its hideous appearance is to put the fear of god into man. Yet, others believe the Chimaera was the opus magnum of an ancient alchemist, created to show his mastery over the forms of life. Its true origins may thus be in doubt, but everyone is well aware of its present condition: that of an enemy to mankind.

The Chimaera is an intelligent and cunning creature, and with three heads it ought to be so. Its hatred of humanity is matched only by the ruthlessness with which it dispatches those that it finds in its path. It has no mercy and little patience, preferring to charge at anything it sees to breathe fire, stun its target, poison what it cannot stun and then devour the pitiful remains before moving on. It is constantly on the prowl, moving from coast to coast, roaming all over the known world. What it is ultimately searching for, none can say, but all we know is that it will ensure there are no more humans around once it finds it.

  • Combat: 70
  • Explore: 50
  • P. Wound: 7
  • Social: 40
  • Mental: 60
  • M. Wounds: 6

Perk: The Ram’s Voice: Action: Spend a Sigil. All characters/creatures within Near Range must succeed on an opposed Will/Mental Skill Check versus your Intimidate/Social Skill Check or forfeit their next turn.

Quirk: Metaphysical Confusion: Whenever you receive a Physical or Mental Wound, you also receive a Wound of the other type (i.e. Mental if you received a Physical Wound) of one severity step lower, to a minimum of a Minor Wound.

Equipment: The chimaera bears neither arms nor armour.

Sanctuary: The Chimaera can most often be found on coasts along the wild cliffs of the wilderness. In this sanctuary, the Chimaera can spend a Sigil to breathe fire through the lion’s mouth at all characters and creatures in close range in front of it, with a damage of 50 (reduced by Skill Checks and armour). The Chimaera’s goat head can charge at enemies, increasing the bonus the Chimaera receives from charging by +20. Lastly, the snake tail can poison characters on a successful Combat Skill Check, inflicting double Bleeding when it inflicts a Wound.

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