Even before his death and beatification, St Lambert was a famously pious and devoted friar. Working miracles for the poor and needy, St Lambert travelled wherever the divine sent him, no matter how dangerous the path ahead was. He walked through war zones, monster lairs, plague fields and wastelands, yet nothing ever left a scratch on him. He piety had been rewarded with divine protection. His faith truly was his shield, and when he passed peacefully at long last, his saintly relics inherited his gifts.

His ring was the first relic stolen from the holy reliquary, and yet this crime has resulted in much good being done in the world. Protecting its wearer from any supernatural element, it also prevents its user from crafting such magic itself. The less magic there is in the world, the safer it will be. Or so the saint is rumoured to have said. Not that St Lambert has stayed idle in his eternal rest. He follows his ring wherever it goes, urging its wearer to help those around him and make the world a better place.

Name: St Lambert’s Ring

Blessing: While wearing the Ring, you cannot be the direct target of a supernatural ability or attack. In addition, you may spend a Sigil to attempt a Luck Check; if successful, you may remove one ongoing magical effect from one target creature, character, or object.

Curse: You can’t use any supernatural abilities during a session in which you wore the Ring. In addition, at the start of the session after one where you wore the Ring, roll a d100. If you roll doubles, St Lambert appears to you in a vision, setting you on a holy quest to complete before you can spend Sigils on the Ring again.

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