Sigil Bestiary – Naga

Some say that Nagas are the result of ancient elves corrupted by fel energies and their own dark temperaments until their outward appearance mirrored their inner rot. Others say that they are the creation of some malicious god or mad alchemist, set loose on the world to wreak havoc. No one entirely agrees on the […]

Sigil Emporium – Death’s Scythe

Death comes for us all. We don’t know where. We don’t know when. But we know we’ll see him one day. He is an inevitability and that is why we fear the reaper. On his pale horse, he can ride through villages and towns and reap thousands of souls during times of war or plague; […]

Sigil Bestiary – Archlich

There a few things more evil in this world than an Archlich. These moral monstrosities are a cancer on this realm, hiding within their dungeons and slowly letting their poison seep out into the world around them. The more time that goes by, the more the lands above their lairs become despoiled and the more […]

Sigil Emporium – Conquest’s Bow

Legend says that God granted this bow to an ambitious king along with a white horse and golden crown, and allowed him to take as much as he wanted from the world. This Scourge of God laid waste to a quarter of the world, conquering all that he saw and killing those that would not […]

Sigil Bestiary – Archangel

Archangels lead the choirs of heaven in their eternal, exultant jubilation. Yet they also lead heaven’s armies and command the righteous troops when the angelic host march to war. As the leaders of the celestial realm, the Archangels bear the greatest of responsibilities and the heaviest of burdens. For that reason, when an Archangel deigns […]

Sigil Emporium – Earworm

Earworms are pernicious parasites. Psionic in nature, many a mage has suggested that they originate in the aether, having been brought to the mortal realm through a tear in the veil. Earworms are short, fat worms that glisten like oil when light shines upon them. When agitated or attacked, they let out a psionic scream […]

Sigil Bestiary – Minotaur

Minotaur are cursed creatures, born out of divine spite. Very rarely do the minotaur produce a stable line of descendents, and so most of these abominations found in the world were individually cursed by the gods. Perhaps they had angered the gods in some fashion, or erred in their worship, or their hubris may have […]

Sigil Emporium – Famine’s Scales

They say that an army marches on its stomach, and that society is only three meals away from collapse. Perhaps one could put these idioms to the test. With the Scales of Famine, anyone cruel enough can wither away crops, cause meat to rot where it sits, and spread decay amongst a civilisations food sources. […]

Sigil Bestiary – Swarm of Pests

Pests are horrid things that civilisation seemingly cannot get rid off, but luckily they are more afraid of us than we are disgusted by them. Rarely, and particularly when a supernatural element is involved, do these pests come together to form swarms. Individually a pest is an annoyance, but a swarm can become a deadly […]

Sigil Emporium – Sword of War

Said to belong to the God of War himself, this enormous two-handed blade is a reckoning on the battlefield. It requires a skilled swordsman to wield the heavy blade properly, but once he does, he becomes nearly unstoppable. The Sword seems to have a mind of its own, knowing where and when to strike, how […]

Sigil Bestiary – Leviathan

The great serpent of the ocean, the Leviathan is a legend in all cultures. With stories as long as its body, this colossal creature is rightly feared by sailors and fishermen across the realm. Some speculate that it is not a species of creature at all, and that there is only one Leviathan in all […]

Sigil Emporium – The Gray Portrait

Narcissism is a disease of the mind for which there is no cure. Prevention is the best means to combat it, and the gods have found that the best type of prevention is to show others what happens to narcissists. This, of course, means making an example out of them. Perhaps none of the poor […]

Sigil Bestiary – Giant Worm

Giant Worms are the leviathans of the desert dunes. They swim through and under the sand for most of their lives, only coming to the surface when they feel the vibrations of creatures walking above. Giant Worms are ferociously territorial and will do everything they can to remove interlopers from their domain, empty and lifeless […]

Sigil Emporium – Spell Scroll

Wizards are known for many things. Hard work is not one of these. A wizard, by nature, is a lazy creature. Why else learn to control the natural world through unnatural means? Magic is a way to bypass the virtue of hard labour and physical exercise; to let the mind do what the body cannot […]

Sigil Bestiary – The Hydra

Hydra are gargantuan, man-eating beasts with razor sharp teeth, two tails, corrosive bloos, and breath that is poisonous to all creatures. It is said they were created by the gods purely to torment mankind out of a sense of divine spite. True or not, these monstrous vermin are a plague on far-flung villages and settlements […]