No dice. No cards.

No tokens. No bets.

No randomness.

There is only you and your enemies.

Can you outwit them?

All Tactics. All Strategies. No Chance.

Dungeon Tactics is a dungeoncrawler that is all about player skill. With no dice or any other random number generation, the only thing that will ensure your success is the tactics and strategies you use. Can you choose the right actions, with the right abilities, at the right time, against the right targets? It sounds simple, but don’t be deceived. Every enemy that comes at you will auto-hit you with every attack and ability (just like you do to them), so you have to make sure to hit them first, hit them hard, and outflank their advances. 

Inside Dungeon Tactics, you’ll get:

Dungeon Tactics takes inspiration from the old 8-bit and 16-bit RPGs to create a unique pixel-art dungeoncrawler for you to flex your mental muscles in. There truly is nothing standing between you and winning in this dungeon. The better you become, the better you will do.

You can grab Dungeon Tactics now from DriveThruRPG HERE

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