A psychopomp is one who ferries the souls of the dead to their afterlife (whether paradise or damnation). Ordinarily, this role is taken up by the gods or their divine messengers, yet mortals are often employed as psychopomps as well. This is why the Sandals were created. Not only do they allow their wearer to see the wandering lost souls of the dead, but the winged Sandals give their wearer the power of flight, to better reach these wayward spirits and send them on their way.

Unfortunately, as with so many other things, the promises of the divine are often a poisoned chalice. The power to fly like an eagle is the greatest freedom a man will ever know, but the cost of sending souls to the rest has driven more than one man mad. To direct a spirit to the afterlife requires imbuing the lost phantom with soul-energy to revitalise them and instil in them a purpose to cross over. The divine messengers have all of heaven to power their spirits, but the souls of man are limited and finite things. The longer a mortal psychopomp does his duty, the less of a soul he has.

Name: Sandals of the Psychopomp

Blessing: While wearing the Sandals, you can fly as fast as you are able to run, and may hover in place for as long as you remain conscious.

Curse: While wearing the Sandals, you can see the drifting souls of the damned. They are attracted to anyone carrying/wearing the Sandals. If one enters within Close Range, you must send them on to their final resting place by spending a Sigil or suffering a Significant Mental Wound.

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