Runes of Power v1.3

Runes of Power just got a neat new update to add in some extra character creation options and 5 new Perks and Quirks that will help you customise your spellcaster even more, and it will add in a new element to using magic: corruption. With the corruption quirks, failing spellcasting checks can now mutate and […]

Runic Array: Sanctuary

It’s been quite a while since we showed off a new runic array, but with the Enchridion Sigillum getting closer to completion, there’s no better time to make a couple of new runic arrays. The Sanctuary array takes something old and classic, modifies and mixes it up to create a whole new effect: showing you […]

Runed Age Dev Journal 9

For this week’s Dev Journal, we’re showing off something that technically is completely part of the Runed Age, but will also be its own thing. Cheekily having our cake and eating it too. The Enchiridion Sigillum Literally meaning the Handbook of Symbols, the Enchiridion will be a book we publish alongside the Runed Age update. […]

Runed Age Dev Journal 7

On the last Dev Journal we showed you how to arm your PCs with the very best weapons Middelburg has to offer. For this Dev Journal, we’re showing a change to the most crucial part of the Runed Age: the runic magic rules. If-Or Well, when we say “change”, it’s more of an addition. None […]

Runes of Power update

With the Sigil System 1.2 released, it was time to start updating our prior mods to get up to speed with the new system. First on the block is Runes of Power. It used to be called Runic Magic, but now it’s got a snazzy new name and a new pretty cover. We’ve made some […]

Runed Christmas Sale

Another year is almost gone and Christmas is already just around the corner! And you know what that means, it means jolly good old sale! While you’re looking around for presents to buy, treat yourself to a little runic magic and delve into the world of the Runed Age with the Runed Christmas sale. You’ll […]

Runic Magic released!

We’ve finished revamping and streamline the runic arrays and the new rules can be found on DriveThruRPG! So what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE to go get your hands on it! If you’ve already got yourself The Runed Age Corebook, then you’ll have received an email from DriveThruRPG with a download link to a […]

New Runic Magic System

Some of you may have been wondering why there hasn’t been a Runic Arrays post in quite some time. While we have been hard at work on Z-LAND, the real answer is that we have been reworking the runic magic system into a new, more streamlined system. It won’t replace the original runic magic system […]

Runic Arrays – Dancing Lights

For our runic arrays segment this week we give you a new way to use the arrays. This week we show you the Dancing Lights array. Notation: Secondary arrays: Create Copper in the shape of a disk as wide as the array and as thick as 1/1000th the array’s diameter. Primary Array: Rotate Copper at […]

Runic Arrays – Wizard’s Envy

For our runic arrays segment this week we give you a way to make wizards even more overpowered. This week we show you the Wizard’s Envy incantation. Notation: Heat Iron at a rate of 64 degrees Celsius per second within an area in the shape of an Inverted Dome 100 times as wide across as […]

Runic Arrays: Static Cloud

Notation: Transmute Humans into Air if Humans are present and apply the effect of Created Lightning to Air. Class: Offence Description: A handy array for both taking down a single enemy as well as incapacitating anyone around him. The true power from this array comes from its smaller, secondary array. Without this, it would simply […]

Runic Arrays: Grand Army

For our runic arrays segment this week we give you the way to create your very own legion. This week we show you the Grand Army array. Notation: Create Humans if no Humans are present, Push Humans at the speed of 1 m/s if Humans are present and apply the effect of the Lazarus array […]

Runic arrays: Lazarus

For our runic arrays segment this week we give you the ultimate reset button. This week we show you the Lazarus array. Notation: Transmute Non-Living Humans into Living Humans and sustain said Humans. Class: Utility Description: A very simple array but with the most direst of consequences. This array does exactly what its name implies: […]

Runic Arrays – Forgotten Memory

For our runic arrays segment this week we’ve come to bargain. This week we show you the Forgotten Memory array. Notation: Invert the flow of Time over an area 100 time greater than the array if Humans are within the area of the array and Sustain this effect if Humans are within an area 10 […]

Runic Arrays – Repeating Hammer

For our runic arrays segment this week we’re gonna rock your world. This week we show you the Repeating Hammer array. Notation: Push Iron at a speed of 8 m/s if Ironis present within a Cylindrical area the height of the array’s width and Pull Iron at a speed of 1 m/s if Iron is […]