The Vorpal Sword was created to slay the greatest of all beasts. According to the scant legends we have of its creation, it succeeded in its task, but what this king of monsters were, we cannot tell. Only the Sword’s name survived through the ages, not its foe’s. After its nameless wielder died, the Sword was stolen from his tomb and lost to the pages of history, popping up only in local tall tales of a glamorous blade that can kill anything it touches. No one truly knows if this is the real Vorpal Sword, but it is a magnifent blade.

The Sword is most definitely enchanted, but by what and how, no mage can say. The spells wreathed within its metal are as subtle as the engraving that seems to have lasted for centuries. The blade has never dulled or lost its edge, and it can slice through the thickest armour like it was warm butter. The Sword seems to have a mind of its own sometimes, seemingly able to find the weakest, most vulnerable spot on an enemy to kill it in one blow. Unfortunately, this quasi-sentience means that the Sword will never block or parry an incoming hit, refusing to do anything but attack.

Name: Vorpal Sword

Weapon: Medium Melee Weapon

Blessing: Damage caused by the Vorpal Sword cannot be reduced by a target’s Armour. If you roll a Critical Success in a Fight Skill Check using the Vorpal Sword, the target is instantly killed, regardless of which Hit Location you struck.

Curse: While bearing the Vorpal Sword, you cannot block, parry, or use any other defensive Fight Skill Check to prevent an oncoming attack.

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