To be adored, revered and venerated is a wish many men have; and because of that ever-present wish among mankind, the faeries have manifested it into a material object. It is the craving for adoration made manifest and physical. This fey pendant is as beautiful as its wearer appears to others, yet it is also stylishly simplistic. It speaks of good taste and delicate sensibilities rather than gaudy extravagance and decadent depravity. It is a pendant fit equally for an empress as it is a high priest and an elected republican.

As with all other things dredged up from the depths of a fey lake, the pendant carries a curse; but this curse is not magical or mystical, but entirely down to the nature of man. Being adored and revered by all who see you means that there is no incentive to put any effort into what you say or do. You know that it will be well received. Those who inevitably lose the pendant become revealed as churlish boors who couldn’t string a sentence together in polite company to save their own lives. Their own comfort and laziness have resulted in them becoming the opposite of what they once craved.

Name: Pendant of Adoration

Blessing: Whenever you wear the pendant, everyone who sees you is struck with a sense of adoration and arousal. Everyone who sees you wants to be your friend, partner and (if their proclivities lie in your direction) lover.

Curse: You can’t spend EXP on your Diplomacy, Deceive or Intuition Skills after any session in which you wore the Pendant; and you lose 1 Level in each of these three Skills.

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