One of seven divinely blessed ram horns, the Voice of God is said to quite literally contain the merest fraction of the divine itself. In ancient days, these seven horns with their bronze and electrum bands were used to devastating effects against those who would stand up against the tribes blessed by heaven. However, as is always the case, those with the greatest blessings squander their gifts and turn away from the one true path. When this happened to the blessed tribes, the Voice of God and its divine brethren disappeared.

Every now and then a Voice of God is found, and the finding is a potent omen of things to come. When heaven speaks, mortals tremble, and so the Voices of God are only found during the most drastic and significant of times. No one is quite sure why they appear to those who find them, but all are certain that these bearers of the Voice have a dramatic role to play in what’s to come.

Name: The Voice of God

Weapon: Heavy Damage Medium Ranged Weapon

Blessing: Take seven successive Actions to blow the Voice at a specific structure or building within Medium Range. If the seven blows are not interrupted, then on the seventh blow, the structure or building collapses into ruin.

Curse: Whenever the Voice is used, after the last blow (whether finished, interrupted, or voluntarily stopped), you fall into unconsciousness for a number of turns/narrative-actions equal to the number of blows.

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