Pixelated Posts: The Sage

As we get closer to revealing our mystery upcoming game, here is the Sage, the master of mental magics, majestically maneuvering his way through your timeline, messing with the minds of all those who stand in his way.

Pixelated Posts: The Priests

Up next for our mysterious upcoming game is the Priest, shepherd to the innocents, calmly and sedately making his way through your timeline, keeping all around him in good spirit.

Pixelated Posts: The Templar

Up next for our mysterious soon-to-come game is the kingly Templar, royally marching through your timeline looking for foes to smite. He is a lion amongst cubs and for a man wielding an obscenely large warhammer, he can go toe-to-toe with the nimblest of enemies, all the while keeping his allies in good health.

Pixelated Posts: The Frostlord

Next up in the previews for our upcoming game of magical mysteries is the Frostlord! He’s a crabby and grumpy old man, stomping his way across the battlefield, freezing everything in his way. And if that doesn’t work, he has a mighty ice-axe to finish off any rambunctious youth that gets within arm’s reach.

Pixelated Posts: The Ravager

Next up in our sneak-peeks for our upcoming not-so-secret game is the Ravager! Bullish and stubborn, the Ravager has the strength of ten men and the patience of precisely none of them. Once he sets his mind to something, he intends to see it done come hell or high water. Armed with nothing other than […]

Playing Sigil Solo

During this time of lockdowns and isolation, it can be incredibly difficult to get a group of friends together to play a good day’s worth of tabletop RPGs. This is where singleplayer-RPGs can help you get that RPG fix when you can’t make it to a game cause you’re stuck at home, and the Sigil […]

Runed Age Dev Journal 10

Slow and steady wins the race they say, and we’re getting close to the finish line. There’s still a wee ways to go before the update goes live, but the finish line is now in sight. Most of the book has now been updated, and only some parts of the rules are left to go. […]

Runed Age Dev Journal 9

For this week’s Dev Journal, we’re showing off something that technically is completely part of the Runed Age, but will also be its own thing. Cheekily having our cake and eating it too. The Enchiridion Sigillum Literally meaning the Handbook of Symbols, the Enchiridion will be a book we publish alongside the Runed Age update. […]

Runed Age Dev Journal 8

On the last Dev Journal we showed you the new tweak we made the runic magic rules. For this Dev Journal, we’re showing off what your character can do when they are not being professional criminals for the Merchant League. Downtime Not every moment of your character’s life will be spent sneaking around places they’re […]

Runed Age Dev Journal 7

On the last Dev Journal we showed you how to arm your PCs with the very best weapons Middelburg has to offer. For this Dev Journal, we’re showing a change to the most crucial part of the Runed Age: the runic magic rules. If-Or Well, when we say “change”, it’s more of an addition. None […]

Enforcer 0.3 update

Enforcer is now at Version 0.3! Since the last update came out, we’ve been busy little beavers, so there’s quite a bit in this update for you. Art Look at those lovely new pieces made by the awesome Pat Callahan. The first three of the exemplar characters have received their art, and this is only […]

Entropy Preview: the Etsyon

In the last Entropy Preview, Charly showed us what humanity looks like in the future. This time, we see the first alien species revealed for Entropy: the Etsyon. The Etsyon is a large race of super-evolved mammals. They outlived almost all other species which came before the Cosmic Exchange, but they remained remarkably stagnant in […]

Runed Age Dev Journal 6

On the last Dev Journal we looked at getting your characters some friends and making new acquaintances in the grand city. For this Dev Journal, however, we’re bringing some well deserved violence to the streets of Middelburg. Weapon Classes In the Runed Age 1.0, weapons don’t exist, at least not mechanically. There’s no real rules […]

Runed Age Dev Journal 5

On the last Dev Journal we looked at what the new rules for using runic arrays will be like. For this Journal, we’re taking something old and turning it into something new. Contacts System For those of you that have played the Sigil System, you’ll be more than familiar with the Contacts system, that gives […]

Runed Age Dev Journal 4

On the last Dev Journal we showed how the new Skills will look in the Runed Age 1.3. This time we are talking about the most important part of the Runed Age: the runes. What’s new with the runes? Absolutely nothing. Well that’s not entirely true, but the runes, runic arrays and their rules will […]