If we are created in the image of the divine, then what does that say about our creations? For as long as man has had the will do to so, he has attempted to make a legacy to his will that will last forever, a creation in his own image. Every now and then, some madman succeeds in this vain quest. Whether through alchemy, technology, arcane rights, or devilish sorcery, the Golems that have been created have never had the intended effect that their masters have hoped for. Eventually, and inevitably, each and every single one has turned on his creator and run amok.

Golems are obsessed with humanity, whether for good or ill. They invariably drift to one of two extremes: wishing to become human and shed their artificial bodies, or wishing to be nothing like mankind and remove whatever glimmer of a soul they may have. Neither bodes well for the humans around it. Those golems that want to be human may end up taking the skin and flesh from actual persons to craft a new body for themselves or to mangle themselves into an atrocious facsimile of a human; while those misanthropic golems often turn to wanton murder and rampage in their hate against anything mortal.

  • Combat: 110
  • Explore: 60
  • P. Wounds: 10
  • Social: 35
  • Mental: 50
  • M. Wounds: 5

Perk: Plaincracker: Action: Spend a Sigil. All characters/creatures within Near Range must succeed on an opposed Athletics/Combat Skill Check versus your Might/Combat Skill Check or fall prone. Those characters/creatures within Close Range that fail the opposed Skill Check also take Physical Damage

Quirk: Speechless: For each turn/narrative-action that you wish to Speak, you must succeed on a Will Skill Check or spend a Sigil. If you succeed on a Will Skill Check, you may speak for as many turns/narrative-actions as the first digit of your roll’s result.

Equipment: While the Golem bears neither arms nor armour, its fists count as Light Melee Weapons and its clay body has an Amour Rating of 20.

Sanctuary: A golem can always be found in the civilised area near where he was created. Within this civilised sanctuary, the Golem may spend a Sigil to become invisible for 5 turns/narrative-actions. On a successful Mental Skill Check, the Golem may summon forth aetherial spirits with 50 in all Skills and 1 Physical and Mental Wounds. It also may consume other golems and elementals to refresh all of its Wound Slots.

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