The heart may be the font of love, but the brain and mind is the seat of knowledge, wisdom, and otherworldy power. It is no surprise then that, after a mage has shuffled off his mortal coil, that his cap retains a vestige of that power, being so intimately near the mind. Every successive wizard who dons the hat simply adds to its power, until it becomes a magician in its own right. At that point, the cap can lend its power, knowledge and wisdom to new mages, whispering into their minds what they ought to do and shielding them from the harm that comes with playing with magic.

But with a hint of consciousness comes a desire to act, a volition to have agency. Just as the hat can grant power to the wizard, so it can affect him, and change him, often without the mage noticing. Memories can be rewritten or erased, talents replaced with entirely unknown ones, and long mastered skills can be forgotten at a moment’s notice. The only way to regain full control is to put away the cap, but few do, perhaps no longer in control of that decision.

Name: Cap of the Magus

Blessing: Whenever you use a supernatural ability that causes an immediate negative side effect to you, you may spend a Sigil to negate this negative effect.

Curse: In any session in which you wore the Cap, whenever you fail a Skill Check, reverse the numbers of that Skill Level (e.g. 54 becomes 45) for the remainder of the session or until you fail it again.

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