They say that he who rules the waves, rules the sea. The Cerulean Conch is the symbol of office for the King of the Ocean, and also his greatest weapon. The first king of the ocean was said to be the son of the ocean herself, and thus be half man-half fish. He was the undisputed ruler of everywhere the seas touched. Yet all good things must come to an end, and the king’s reign ended, and his underwater kingdom fell to ruin.

Thus began the Conch’s long passage through history. Pirate captains built huge fleets with its power; and admirals conquered coastline after coastline by using it. Kings depended on it to keep their trade routes safe; and emperors used it to conquer one vassal after the next. It was the greatest treasure of the open seas, and when it was lost to the depths, the legendary era of the oceans was over. Rumours say it washes up on a shore now and then, but as there is no new king of the oceans, these rumours seem to be just that.

Name: The Cerulean Conch

Blessing: While on a large body of water such as a lake or sea, spend a Sigil to blow into the Conch. You can choose to either increase or decrease the severity of the body’s weather. The severity begins at “Calm” and moves through to “Strong Waves and Tides”, then “Squall”, through “Storm” and finally “Cyclone”. Each increase or decrease in severity requires spending a Sigil.

Curse: You cannot go ashore to any land in a session in which you blew the Conch. Additionally, roll a Luck Skill Check at the start of the next session. If you fail, you cannot go ashore in that session as well.

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