To some, the chance to dream is an escape from the world into a land of pure fantasy, a place of limitless imagination where you can be as free as your heart’s desire. To others, dreams are portals into another universe, a harsh aetherial reality, where attacks can come at any moment, and you are left unprepared. To these people, dreams are like a fortress with its gate unbarred and unguarded.

One of these paranoid men was called the Iconoclast. He did all he could to shut his mind, and reality itself, from the aetherial plane he knew is preparing to overthrow the mortal plane. Imagination and dreams, he believed, were the gateway between the aether and reality, and so he constructed the Net to close down his mind. Ordered, structured, analytical; his mind was sharper than a blade and tighter than a trap. Nothing occurred within other than what he chose there to be. They say he never had a moment of creativity after creating the Net, but yet he was never attacked by his aetherial enemies either.

Name: Iconoclast’s Net

Blessing: Whenever you sleep with the Net, you don’t have nightmares or other negative thoughts while asleep. Additionally, you are protected from any supernatural or psychic effect on your mind or dreams while asleep.

Curse: When you sleep with the Net, you can’t dream and you don’t gain any rest from sleeping. Any effects or abilities that require dreaming or sleeping will not work after sleeping with the Net.

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