Sigil Emporium – Warding Blade

Forged in a forgotten age by master smiths who could pull strands of the aether directly into the molten metal they were shaping. The Warding Blade was intended for their rangers and wardens who would delve into the wilderness far from the glorious civilisation that spawned these blades. These wardens would always be vigilant, guarding […]

Sigil Bestiary – Garm

“As Sleipnir is the king of steeds, and Yggdrasil the best of trees, so is Garm the king of hounds,” was famously said of the original Garm, the hellhound that even the gods feared. Since then, his descendants have become far more mortal, but not less impressive than their progenitor. The Garm breed is still […]

Sigil Emporium – Spear of the Possessed

The Spear of the Possessed fell from the heavens light a lightning bolt, lost in an apocalyptic clash amongst the gods. The Lord of the Possessed, the Ruler of the Frenzied, Oathbreaker, Hanged Man, One-Eyed, Father of Wisdom, the god with a multitude of names perished in that final battle, but his Spear remains to […]

Sigil Bestiary – Hag

Hags are misanthropic and spiteful crones that love nothing better than to be left alone to their devices, and to torture and curse those that refuse to do so. Children are taught from a young age not to intrude on a Hag’s domain and leave the deep dark forests well enough alone. Those that disobey […]

Sigil Emporium – Tormentor

Often those who battle monsters become monstrous themselves. In ages past in a faraway realm, a hunter of demons, monsters and other nightmarish creatures came to the end of his wits. He was faced with a lifetime of battles and fights that would only temporarily stop the incursion of these horrors, but never fully prevent […]

Sigil bestiary – Faceless One

No one knows who the Faceless One is; not even the Faceless One. What makes him who he is also unmakes him. The Faceless One is a doppelganger, transforming his shape and appearance to match others, but this transformation is so effective that he takes on the memories and personality of his target. Not even […]

Sigil Emporium – Ring of Ahriman

They say that there is an element of the Great Destroyer in all of us, and that we can feel his touch on our souls whenever we commit an act of destruction; whether it be a simple lie, a cutting remark, clearing of weeds, to the more heinous sins of assault and murder. Ahriman is […]

Sigil Bestiary – Kraken

The ocean holds many dangers and terrors, but the greatest of these may be the Kraken. A gargantuan cephalopod, the Kraken has an insatiable hunger and will hunt any ship or boat that crosses its path. There is little intelligence behind the beast’s black glassy eyes. What little there is exists only to rip vessels […]

Sigil Emporium – Masque of the Morningstar

The Morningstar is many things to many people; a star in the night sky, a planet in the cosmos, a light to guide us, a mythological figure, or the great enemy of man. Whatever it might be, a sliver of the Morningstar found its way into a carnival masque and has been causing mischief and […]

Sigil Bestiary – Gargoyle

Built as sentinels and watchers, Gargoyles are the immortal and immovable guardians of their sanctuaries. Built of solid stone and given life by a magus or holy man, the Gargoyle is a grotesque imitation of both man and beast. They have the spark of intelligence like a man, but the impulses and aggression of a […]

Sigil Emporium – Last Guardian’s Grimoire

Some men obtain power, some take it, others are granted it, and a few are born with it. The original owner of this Grimoire certainly fell into the last category. Born with an innate arcane talent that dwarfed any who came before or after him, the young mage was meant for great things. He certainly […]

Sigil Bestiary – Death Knight

Death Knights are evil incarnate. Born of dark magic, a Death Knight is the most recent in a long line of evil warriors that stalk the world, each one raising the next Death Knight in line. These twisted warriors wish only to bring wrath and ruin to mankind, compelled as they are by the necromantic […]

Sigil Emporium – Platonic Philosopher

Ripping a soul from a person and planting it within a crystal is considered by many to be an utterly evil act. This resulting Soul Gem is incredibly powerful and can power many alchemical and arcane abilities. Soul Gems can also be used to cheat death. A few sages have discovered the ancient secret of […]

Sigil Bestiary – Messenger Angel

The divine beings rarely speak to the mortal realm, preferring to remain in their heavens for a variety of reasons. Often it is pride and arrogance, not wishing to debase themselves to speak to mortals; and other times it is to protect the mortals from being exposed to their awesome divine might and being driven […]

Sigil Emporium – Onyx Lotus

It is a rather innocuous looking thing, seeming nothing more than a trinket carved out of black onyx chalcedony to resemble a lotus flower. However, it is one of the most sought after and hunted artefacts, especially by magic users and treasure hunters. For all its deceptive beauty, the Onyx Lotus is immensely powerful, granting […]