Sigil Emporium – Horn of Plenty

The Horn of Plenty is the cornucopia of the gods, fallen from heaven where it provided the divine with an endless supply of food to keep their immortal lives sated. The Horn of Plenty is a hollow curved horn of a long-dead mythical beast, roughly three feet long and a foot wide at its mouth. […]

Sigil Emporium – Ancestral Tunic

A tunic passed down from father to son throughout the generations, never losing its brilliant azure hue, nor a single thread from its count. This Ancestral Tunic from time immemorial seems to resist time itself, because it was woven from pure mana-weave, a fabric now consigned to myths and legends. This arcane thread from which […]

Sigil Bestiary: The Priest

The holy men of God. The shepherds of man. Wherever you find a society, there you will find a priest. They are as linked to civilisation as the walls of our homes and clothes on our feet. They are cornerstones of the community and may go beyond the mere role of a preacher to act […]

Sigil Emporium – The One

There can be only one. That is the essence of this cursed blade. There can only ever be one greatest, one that is the best, one that can claim the pole position. In this Game, there is only one winner, one champion. No one knows where the One comes from, or who forged it. Most […]

Sigil Bestiary: The Djinn

Made of the essences of smoke and fire, the Djinn are often called the mirror-image of humanity. They bear an aetherial body and mortal soul, where we are quite the opposite. They are bound to this world, yet are not made from this world, carrying the aether in their veins. The Djinn are unable to […]

Sigil Emporium – Hide of the Chrysalid Lion

The Chrysalid Lion was an immense beast that terrorised the lands of an ancient archipelago. It was monstrous and fearsome, yet touched with an otherworldly beauty. Its fur looked finer than the purest gold, its claws seemingly carved from obsidian, and its teeth whiter than marble. This embodiment of death and beauty could not be […]

Sigil Bestiary: The Kobold

These mischievous little sprites can be found nearly everywhere, for those with the right eyes to see, that is. Kobolds do not truly exist within the mortal plane, and are instead creatures of the aether. They dip into our world from time to time to see what the mortal men are up to, experience what […]

Sigil Emporium – Devil’s Dagger

There are realms beyond the knowledge of mortal men that lie far across the twisting seas of the aether. In one of these, there is an archfiend that sees all of creation in each realm across the aether as his to command and conquer. To prepare his new domains for conquest, this vile serpent has […]

Sigil Bestiary: The Judge

There is no such thing as an innocent man, but unfortunately for society, the egregiously guilty amongst us do not have the courage to simply hand themselves in to the authorities for judgement. So if the mountain does not want to come to the man, then the man must go to the mountain; and so […]

Sigil Emporium – Helm of the Dead

Said to have been stolen from the Lord of Death himself, the Helm of the Dead is as powerful as it is seemingly innocuous. It looks like nothing more than an archaic, but well cared for, helmet; but it is this simplicity that has helped protect both the Helm and its series of owners across […]

Sigil Bestiary: The Angel

The word “angel” means “messenger” because that is precisely what these heavenly figures are: messengers of God. However the divine realm functions with whatever pantheons or singular gods inhabit it, they all need liaisons with the mortal realm, and that is where Angels find their vocation. Angels are the intermediaries between the mortal and the […]

Sigil Emporium: Ring of Power

Today, we’re starting a new series to run in tandem with the Sigil Bestiary called the Sigil Emporium. It will be all about what rare and wondrous mythical items you can use in your games to bless and curse your PCs in equal measure. Just like the Bestiary, every week, we’ll show off one Item […]

Sigil Bestiary: The Goblin

Goblins are a plague in humanoid form, although even calling them humanoid is an affront to all mankind. Goblins are small, evil little creatures that live for nothing but to pillage and plunder their way across the known lands, destroying everything in their path. They love nothing more than screams, blood, and most of all: […]

Sigil Bestiary: The Lich

The Lich is the archetypal enemy of the fantastical band of heroes. Lurking deep within his underground dungeon-complex, the Lich schemes and plans to do evil to the outside world. Protected as he is by his army of goblins, orcs and kobolds, and commanding his legion of undead, the Lich is a powerful figure to […]

Sigil Bestiary: The Zombie

The Zombie is a staple of pulp and horror fiction: a shambling, undead monstrosity that wishes nothing more than to feed on the flesh and brains of the living. Whether literal or figurative, Zombies are a plague upon the world, creating more of themselves by biting living beings and through this turning them into undead […]