Sigil Emporium – Vorpal Sword

The Vorpal Sword was created to slay the greatest of all beasts. According to the scant legends we have of its creation, it succeeded in its task, but what this king of monsters were, we cannot tell. Only the Sword’s name survived through the ages, not its foe’s. After its nameless wielder died, the Sword […]

Sigil Emporium – Cap of the Magus

The heart may be the font of love, but the brain and mind is the seat of knowledge, wisdom, and otherworldy power. It is no surprise then that, after a mage has shuffled off his mortal coil, that his cap retains a vestige of that power, being so intimately near the mind. Every successive wizard […]

Sigil Bestiary – Bandit

Bandits are the carrion creatures of humanity; the vultures, the hyenas, the crows. They live just at the fringes of the civilised world, just beyond the reach of authority, yet near enough to peck away at civilisation. They target the poor, the weak, the young, the old, the weary, and the vulnerable. They are, by […]

Sigil Emporium – St. Lambert’s Ring

Even before his death and beatification, St Lambert was a famously pious and devoted friar. Working miracles for the poor and needy, St Lambert travelled wherever the divine sent him, no matter how dangerous the path ahead was. He walked through war zones, monster lairs, plague fields and wastelands, yet nothing ever left a scratch […]

Promised Land physical version is now available

The Promised Land is now available in a physical softcover version! 100 pages of pure goodness to take you across Unknown Space, through the hostile alien empires that stand in your way, and to your destined Promised Land.  There are three levels of gameplay in Promised Land:  So if you want to traverse the unknown, brave hostile forces, and find […]

Sigil Bestiary – Outer God Shard

Scholars of the mystic arts agree on few things, but one agreement is that the aether is the ocean on which all worlds drift like forlorn boats. A radical few suggest that the aether itself is yet another ship set adrift in a much deeper, darker, more frightful ocean. This nether-aether, as they call it, […]

Sigil Emporium – Love’s Arrows

Scholars have often debated whether there is indeed a god of love, or whether we have merely personified and anthropomorphised the concept of love. And if even if there is a god of love, what love is he (or she) a god of? Sexual love? Romantic love? Platonic love? Familial love? All encompassing, unconditional love? […]

Sigil Bestiary – Behemoth

He was created as king of the beasts and lord of all land above the sea and below the heavens. The Behemoth truly makes his name proud as he walks taller than any other creature. Dragons, trolls and giants are dwarfed by his passing, and his length puts even the kraken to shame. In ancient […]

Sigil Emporium – Silver Tongued Pipe

An unassuming silver-coloured three-holed flute, the Silver Tongued Pipe’s only decorative element is a small relief of a bearded man at the mouthpiece. To any casual observer, it would look no different from any other playing pipe. Perhaps it was an heirloom or a gift, but surely nothing nefarious. That is half of the Pipe’s […]

Sigil Emporium – Signet of the Wise King

When a wise king prayed for help in ridding his lands of evil, he was bestowed with a signet ring of iron and brass. This hexagrammical signet gave him divine dominion over all manner of spirits that would infect his lands. Any decree he ordered and sealed with this heavenly ring was a milstone around […]

Sigil Bestiary – Dragon Turtle

A figure of such mythic proportions, that no one is truly sure whether only one Dragon Turtle exists or whether there is a whole species of them. No one who has claimed to kill a Dragon Turtle has ever brought a carcass back to shore to prove it, and no ship has ever spotted more […]

Sigil Emporium – Timeless Spear

There are many men who believe that this is not the only world that exists; that beyond the aether lies a vast ocean filled with worlds to be explored. Yet, there are a few men who believe that there is a near infinite number of worlds that exist right alongside ours, invisible to us but […]

Sigil Bestiary – Harpy

Harpies are chimeric creatures, with the heads and torsos of maidens and the wings legs and tail-feathers of vultures. Legends say that they were made to be servants of the gods, but if that is the case, one can only wonder at what service the gods truly had in mind. This is due to the […]

Sigil Emporium – Animius

Myths say that the first sword in existence was granted a soul by a god and carried with him through the heavens. The constellation still marks the passage of the god and his living sword as they patrol the cosmos, rooting out chaos where they find. Inspired by legend, an ingenious enchanter set out to […]

Sigil Bestiary – Wraith

Wraiths are the souls of those who couldn’t imagine a world without life; a spirit that refuses to accept that it has passed beyond its mortal coil; a ghost of envy and darkness. Much like those spirits with unfinished business, Wraiths cannot pass on to the next phase of existence because of their insurmountable desire […]