Bandits are the carrion creatures of humanity; the vultures, the hyenas, the crows. They live just at the fringes of the civilised world, just beyond the reach of authority, yet near enough to peck away at civilisation. They target the poor, the weak, the young, the old, the weary, and the vulnerable. They are, by their very nature, cowards and bullies. They eke out a living by being parasites on those that better than they are, whether financially better off or with greater dignity and moral compass.

Yet, as pathetic as a Bandit may be, he is still a force to be reckoned with; for, as with all bullies and cowards, Bandits hunt in packs. They lie in wait at the side of highways and well-travelled roads, and when they spring their trap, they descend like a swarm of ants over their prey. Their best tactic is to overcome their prey with speed and sheer weight of numbers, before their victims can fight back. But once their targets do start fighting back, the Bandits melt away again into the forests and wastelands, waiting for softer targets.

  • Combat: 40
  • Explore: 35
  • P. Wound: 3
  • Social: 40
  • Mental: 20
  • M. Wound: 2

Perk: Mug: On a successful Fight/Combat Skill Check, you may spend a Sigil to steal one visible, and easily grabbed, object or item from the opponent.

Quirk: Safety in Numbers: When no ally is within line of sight in Medium Range, you must roll twice for each Skill Check and take the worst result. In addition, whenever you see an ally slain, incapacitated or fleeing, you must succeed on a -25 Will/Mental Skill Check or also flee the scene/encounter.

Equipment: Bandits wear patchworked armours of leather, steel, plate and mail (anything and everything that they can lay their hands on), giving them an Armour Rating of 10. For weapons, they carry a Shortbow (Light Damage Near Ranged Weapon) and two daggers/short-swords (Light Melee Weapon).

Sanctuary: Bandits live on the routes and highways connecting civilisations. When in his sanctuary, the GM may spend a Sigil per Bandit to give each a free turn before combat initiative starts. Bandits also gain +5 to their flanking bonus.

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