More than any other creature (mundane or magical), it is the wolf that is man’s archenemy. It is the wolf that we fear in the dark; the wolf that makes us tread lightly in the wilderness and peer over our shoulders in the deep forests. The wolf represents everything that is cunningly brutal and brutally cunning. The wolf is the bestial reflection of man, of what we could have been had God not been as kind.

Like us, the wolf is the master of his demesne. He is a pack animal, a tribal creature that works with his friends and family to dominate his environment and rule over everything that comes within it. Wolves may not have countries or nation-states, but like us, they are fiercely territorial and will ensure everyone who crosses past his threshold pays the price.

P. Wounds2M. Wounds1

Perk: Wolf Pack: For each ally within Near Range, you gain +5 to Skill Checks testing your resolve or morale, or to resist fear and other mental intrusions.

Quirk: Lone Wolf: You cannot spend Sigils to gain a bonus to a roll or to reroll, nor gain any Sigils, unless there is an ally within Near Range.

Equipment: As a beast, a wolf lacks both armour and weapons.

Sanctuary: Wolves prefer the forest where man rarely dwells. In this sanctuary, a Wolf can spend a Sigil to summon 1d10 more wolves; a Wolf’s flanking bonus is increased by +5; and a Wolf knows the location of any bleeding character or creature within its sanctuary.

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