Contrary to popular belief, hobgoblins are not demonic creatures set to ruin civilisation, although they are often devilishly tricky. Hobgoblins, or hobs for short, are small gnome-like creatures that are attracted by civilisation like moths to a flame. Once they find a human settlement, they search for just the right house, manor, castle or residence to make their new home, regardless of what the occupants want. Once it has found its new forever-home, it can be quite kind and helpful. It will keep the house in tip-top shape, tidying up, cleaning, making repairs, and even helping to defend the home against intruders.

However, you must always respect a hob. Not treating a hobgoblin kindly and with respect will unleash its dark side upon the residents. Curdled milk, loose screws, misplaced keys, blocked pipes; these are the least of your worries should you upset a hobgoblin. The hob sees itself as lord of its abode, often living there for generations. The humans that share its house are something akin to pets to guests to the hob. It knows they call this place home too, and that they must be cared for, but ultimately the home is his. The only way to get rid of a hob is to give it a gift, most often clothes. A valuable and thoughtful gift will be too much for the hob to bear and he will seek a new home far away.

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Perk: Gobskin: Action: On a successful Will/Mental Skill Check, each ally in Close Range gains armour to all Hit Locations equal to the roll’s result. The armour lasts for as many turns/narrative-actions as the first digit of your Luck Skill Level.

Quirk: Gift Guard: You cannot harm or act in any negative capacity to anyone who presents you with a gift. The value of the gift determines how long the effect lasts. A small, cheap gift: one encounter/scene. A thoughtful or expensive item: a whole session. A large, very valuable present: five sessions. A priceless or one-of-a-kind gift: forever.

Equipment: Hobs defend their homes at all cost, and such wear whatever is available around the house to give them an Armour Rating of 15. For weapons, they take whatever is on hand counting as Light Melee Weapons.

Sanctuary: A hobgoblin is always found within a human residence, and rarely strays from its grounds. In his sanctuary, the hob can use an action teleport anywhere on thr residence’s grounds; can use his Mental Skill to telekinetically move any object, open/close and door; and can spend a Sigil to make any object disappear or appear.

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