Vanity is a sin, yet humanity has not and seemingly will never learn that lesson. Once, so legend claims, the gods decided to make an example out of a beautiful queen and so teach all her subjects and everyone who would hear her tale of the dangers of pride and vanity. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. The Necklace of Discordia still passes from bloodied hand to bloodied hand, creating misfortune and strife wherever it goes. Yet, humanity simply cannot put it down, cannot leave it be, cannot stop themselves from using it. It’s allure is simply too strong.

The Necklace, in the shape of two intertwined serpents, does not have a magic spell that tempts people to put it on. No, it is indeed magic, but it doesn’t force or coerce anyone to use it. What it does instead is make a person immortal. Eternal youth, looking as beautiful as the day you turned 18 and staying like that forever. Eternal vigour, immortal stamina, beautiful forever. The Necklace never needed to tempt anyone to use it. The temptation was forever there in man’s heart. The curse that comes with it has always been considered a price worth paying, no matter how many of the wearer’s friends and family died to misfortune and bad luck. You can never put a price on eternal youth.

Name: Necklace of Discordia

Blessing: While wearing the Necklace, your age returns to its prime, you lose all negative levels associate with your age, and you stop aging. If and when the Necklace is removed, you return to your original age and regain all the negative levels associated with it.

Curse: Any character within Close Range of the Necklace (including you) cannot spend, burn or gain Sigils.

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