A figure of such mythic proportions, that no one is truly sure whether only one Dragon Turtle exists or whether there is a whole species of them. No one who has claimed to kill a Dragon Turtle has ever brought a carcass back to shore to prove it, and no ship has ever spotted more than one together. However, this only raises more questions. If there is only one Dragon Turtle, how did it came to be? Is it the last remaining member of a long forgotten species? Was it created specifically by the gods or some aetheric power? What is it, and what does it want?

Unfortunately, the Dragon Turtle is of no help with these mysteries. As mindless a beast as all others, it doesn’t communicate with any ship that spies it on the deep ocean, yet neither does it attack unprovoked. The Dragon Turtle seems to be more than happy enough to continue on its unbending voyage across the world’s oceans, and have even been reported to help ships in trouble by pushing them off sandbars and through ice sheets. It is a creature as gentle as the whales it dwarfs, yet it is covered in scars by all those who have tried to bring back the richest of all bounties. Whether some daring sailor will succeed one day, one can never tell, but one must always remember that the Dragon Turtle has destroyed far more ships than it has saved.

  • Combat: 140
  • Exploration: 90
  • P. Wounds: 19
  • Social: 35
  • Mental: 35
  • M. Wounds: 5

Perk: Snort: Action: On a successful opposed Combat Skill Check, all characters and creatures within Near Range in front of you are pushed back one Range Band.

Quirk: Slow Reactions: You always go last in each round of combat, regardless of Initiative or where your Slot ought to be. In narrative scenes, your intended actions are resolved only after everyone else’s narrative actions.

Equipment: The Dragon Turtle’s thick shell gives it an Armour Rating of 30. While it bears no weapons, its claws and beak count as Heavy Melee Weapons.

Sanctuary: The deep waters of the open ocean is where one finds the elusive Dragon Turtle. In this sanctuary, the Turtle may take an action to hide in its shell. While inside, double its Armour Rating, but it cannot take any actions until it reemerges. Any opponent that it grapples needs to succeed on two Might Skill Checks to escape. The Turtle may also dive deep beneath the waves to escape any combat it chooses.

Mythic Actions: Steam Breath: Make a Combat Skill Check against all opponents in front of the Turtle in Close Range. Any damage disregards armour. Tail Sweep: Make a Combat Skill Check against all opponents in Close Range. Bite: Make a Combat Skill Check against one opponent in Close Range. If Successful, that opponent is grappled.

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