He was created as king of the beasts and lord of all land above the sea and below the heavens. The Behemoth truly makes his name proud as he walks taller than any other creature. Dragons, trolls and giants are dwarfed by his passing, and his length puts even the kraken to shame. In ancient myths of golden days gone by, stories tell of a town that was built on the Behemoth’s back, from which they rained down bronze arrows on their enemies. Where the Behemoth walks, all other beasts tremble. Even if his size did not scare off the foolish, every animal instinctively bows towards him as their ruler.

As the first animal to be created, the Behemoth is truly the oldest creature in existence, and his thick hide carries the scars of those long years. Not that it is easy to pierce his skin. They say that no attack can penetrate his hide, as it will adapt to every attack in order to remain alive. His gargantuan size is the other reason why he has stayed alive for so many eons. Only the mad and the foolish dare attack the Behemoth, and when his blood is up he has been known to destroy whole villages and towns before settling down. Most civilised folk put out offerings for him when they hear of his approach, keeping him docile and calm as he lumbers on through his immortal wandering.

  • Combat: 140
  • Exploration: 120
  • P. Wounds: 10
  • Social: 30
  • Mental: 30
  • M.Wounds: 2

Perk: Diamondback: Spend a Sigil. Until the end of your next turn, reduce all damage you receive (before Armour reduction and Wounds are allocated) to 10% of the value (rounded down) that you would have received.

Quirk: Carnage: Your Mental Wounds only heal when you inflict a Physical Wound on another character/creature that is of equal or greater severity.

Equipment: The beast’s hide gives it an Armour Rating of 10, and its mammoth claws and teeth count as Medium Melee Weapons.

Sanctuary: The Behemoth traverses the world, but prefers to make his home in the desert wastelands and mountains. In this sanctuary he can cause localised earthquakes by stomping the earth, can see over the horizon due to his sheer bulk, and other beasts and animals won’t attack him unless injured by him first.

Mythic Actions: Thunderous Roar: All characters/creatures within Medium Range must succeed on a -25 Will Skill Check of spend their next turn fleeing away from the Behemoth. Giant Step: The Behemoth moves anywhere within Medium Range. Bullrush: the Behemoth makes a Combat Skill Check against all characters/creatures in front of it within Near Range.

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