Greed is a terrible thing. It can push a man to ambitious heights, but it robs him every step of the way up that mountain. With the accumulation of worldly goods comes the jealousy of hoarding them from others. It is not enough to have; you must make sure others never get it. A greedy man is a jealous man, and a jealous man is a paranoid man. A greedy man cannot trust and cannot be trusted. A greedy man stands alone with nothing but his wealth. It is no surprise, then, that the dragon has become the symbol of greed.

One such dragon, gifted in the mystic arts of creation and enchantment, gave the taste of true greed to humanity through a simple gold ring. This Dripping Ring looked like nothing else but a heavy, plain, golden band that seemed to fit any finger it was on. Comfortable and ordinary, it had one distinct trait. Every nine days, eight other rings would Drip from the master Ring like water droplets, each one a copy of the original. What would an infinite amount of gold do to a man? Well, it would do exactly as expected.

Name: Dripping Ring

Blessing: Every ninth night, if you have worn the Ring the whole time, it spontaneously creates eight copies of itself. These copies are indistinguishable from the original except that they lack this Blessing.

Curse: You automatically fail any Intuition Skill Checks to discern characters’ motives or intentions unless you spend a Sigil to roll the check as normal. All failed Intuition Skill Checks result in you believing the other character is hiding something from you and is out to get you. In addition, for as long as your Wealth Level is the lowest amongst the PCs, you gain a Significant Mental Wound.

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