An unassuming silver-coloured three-holed flute, the Silver Tongued Pipe’s only decorative element is a small relief of a bearded man at the mouthpiece. To any casual observer, it would look no different from any other playing pipe. Perhaps it was an heirloom or a gift, but surely nothing nefarious. That is half of the Pipe’s magic. The other half is far more horrid. Anyone who hears the Pipe, and whom the Piper chooses, fall into a trance and obediently follow the piper anywhere like sheep to a shepherd. The piper can even encourage them on from behind like a sheepdog, or change his tune into a march to have them step in rhythm like a platoon sergeant.

Extraordinary power from something so simple, yet it has led to more tears than laughs. The Pipe is intoxicating as is its power. It makes you feel as if you are truly the shepherd of others, standing above even gentry and kings. Pride and greed become virtues to the piper, and soon all connection with his fellow man is lost. Pipers eventually and inevitably turn to evil, as they begin to make others dance to their tune. It is not a question of it, but of when.

Name: Silver Tongued Pipe

Blessing: While playing the Pipe, you may select any number of characters or creatures within Medium Range that can hear it to do a Will Skill Check. Any character or creature who fails must follow you until you stop playing.

Curse: Whenever you use the Pipe, reduce your Diplomacy and Intuition Skills by 1d10 and increase your Deceive and Intimidate Skills by the same amount. If any Skill Would be reduced to 0 or below, you must burn a Sigil or take a permanent Grievous Mental Wound.

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