The Corrupted Skull truly looks like it was taken from the body of demonic hellspawn. It has three eye-holes, twisted goat-like horns, teeth reminiscent of a canine predator, and runes and markings have beeb scrimshawed all over it. Simply looking at the Skull leaves one feeling uncomfortable, never mind holding it. However, if the stories are to be believed, the original owner of the Skull was a normal mortal man, who became corrupted by decades of dabblings in the dark arts and arcane mysteries of the aether. The deeper he delved into the dark oceans of the aether, the more his body changed until he looked more at home within those aetherial stormlands than in the mortal planes.

The magic that ran through his veins left a deep imprint on his bones, and thus his Skull was kept by warlocks and witches to be used in their dark rituals. These wretches use the Skull to draw out and steal others’ dreams, using it to power their own infernal might, nevermind the damage this mystical mugging causes to the victim. However, no one who touches the Skull is free of its influence. Even left by itself, it will poison and corrupt the dreams of those around it, showing them visions of horrors that man was never me

Name: The Corrupted Skull

Blessing: As an action, you can use the Skull to steal the dreams of any sleeping character within Close Range. This is an opposed Skill Check between the Skull’s “Corruption” Level of 50 and the target’s Intuition Level. On a success, the target gains a Mental Wound as their dream is absorbed by the Skull. These dreams can then be used by the Skull’s wielder in the same manner as Sigils, and disappear at the end of the session. Only one dream can be stolen from a character per sleep cycle.

Curse: Each time you go to sleep within a session where you wielded or carried the Skull you must succeed on an Intuition Skill Check or lose one dream from the Skull. Dreams can be spent to give a bonus to these Checks. In addition, when you fail this Check, choose between one of the following consequences: gain a Mental Wound equal to the amount by which you failed, or lose all your non-dream Sigils and you are prevented from gaining any standard Sigils for the remainder of the session.

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