Harpies are chimeric creatures, with the heads and torsos of maidens and the wings legs and tail-feathers of vultures. Legends say that they were made to be servants of the gods, but if that is the case, one can only wonder at what service the gods truly had in mind. This is due to the Harpies’ unending hatred for mankind. There has never been any peace between the beasts and humanity, and with the number of ships wrecked against the lands’ cliffs, peace seems a far off dream.

Many men have been deceived by the Harpies, who use their youthful appearance to lure men closer. If their beautiful faces can’t do the trick, then their magic siren song will. They say it is the loveliest music you can ever hear, but often the last music you will ever hear, as the Harpies use it to enchant men and have them walk off cliffs or sail over rocks. For those brave few men who can resist their natural urges and stopper their ears, a Harpy is still a formiddable foe, able to control the wind and lift men bodily off their ships to smash their heads open against the cliffs.

P. Wounds3M. Wounds7

Perk: Flying Frenzy: Spend a Sigil to disappear from the encounter/scene. You reappear at the start of your next turn and perform one opposed Fight/Combat Skill Check against a target and all other opponents within Close Range of that target.

Quirk: Long Runway: To sprint, you must first spend a turn/narrative-action running. To run, you must first spend a turn/narrative-action jogging. To jog, you must first spend a turn/narrative-action walking.

Equipment: The Harpy bears no arms or armour, however its razor sharp talons count as Light Melee Weapons.

Sanctuary: Harpies make their homes on the clifftop overlooking coastlines. In this sanctuary, they may use their Mental Skill Checks (vs a victim’s Will Skill) to force a victim to move towards them for a number of turns/narrative actions as the first digit of their roll’s result. They may also roll an Explore Skill Check to create a gust of wind that characters must oppose with their Might Skill of be flung backwards. Lastly, they can use a Grapple action to pick up a character or creature to fly away with.

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