There are many men who believe that this is not the only world that exists; that beyond the aether lies a vast ocean filled with worlds to be explored. Yet, there are a few men who believe that there is a near infinite number of worlds that exist right alongside ours, invisible to us but real all the same. They say that whenever anyone makes a decision, a new world is birthed to house the consequences of the choice not made. The evidence for this, they say, lies within the nature of the Timeless Spear.

The Spear has the unique quality of always being in the hand of the person who wears its complimentary ring whenever the bearer needs it. But whenever he thinks of having the Spear in his hand, it isn’t the same Spear as before. He can throw the Spear and immediately think of having it in his hand, and another identical copy will appear in the hand with the ring. You can create a palisade wall with all the Spears you can throw from it, yet sooner or later each copy seemingly disappears when no one is looking.

Name: Timeless Spear

Weapon: Heavy Melee/Thrown Weapon

Blessing: As long as you wear the Spear’s complimentary Timeless Ring, you can summon a copy of the Timeless Spear to your hand with a thought. Any Spear that you throw will vanish after the scene/encounter the moment no one is paying attention to it.

Curse: If you are aware of a Spear in your vicinity for longer than a single encounter/scene, then you suffer a Significant Mental Wound. This reoccurs for each full scene/encounter that a Spear is within your awareness and vicinity.

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