Wraiths are the souls of those who couldn’t imagine a world without life; a spirit that refuses to accept that it has passed beyond its mortal coil; a ghost of envy and darkness. Much like those spirits with unfinished business, Wraiths cannot pass on to the next phase of existence because of their insurmountable desire to be alive again. This desire has so consumed them that they have little else. All personality, wishes, emotions and dreams have been subsumed within this one great wish: to become alive. There is nothing they will not do become a living person again.

A Wraith’s desire for life has become its greatest weapon against the living. Even a touch from a Wraith can magically age a victim in an instant, robbing him of weeks, months and years of his life. This stolen time makes the Wraith more powerful, but it brings it no closer to returning to life, and so its hunger continues. Thankfully for the living, the rot within the Wraith’s soul (or what remains of it) has made it anathema to the light. Even a candle can hurt the Wraith, and so it stays within the darkened corners of the world, waiting like a spider for prey to come into its lair.

P. Wounds3M. Wounds4

Perk: Stolen Years: When you successfully Wound an opponent, you may spend a Sigil to negate any damage but make your opponent age a number of years equal to the first digit of the damage you would have done.

Quirk: Light Sensitivity: When in dim light, you gain an unremovable Minor Mental Wound; in natural light, a Significant Mental Wound; and in Bright Light, a Grievous Mental Wound. These Wounds are automatically removed once you move out of the light.

Equipment: Wraiths bear the ghostly remnants of their armour and clothing, granting them an Armour Rating of 5. They carry the spectral imprints of their past weapons, counting as Light Melee Weapons.

Sanctuary: Wraiths are found most often in or near cemeteries. In this sanctuary, a Wraith may inflict a permanent Physical Wound on itself to create a copy of itself (free of Wounds); a Wraith may voluntarily move through objects as long as its movement takes it completely through the object; and any character that is hit by the Wraith suffers -25 to his Athletics Skill Checks until the Wraith’s next turn.

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