When a wise king prayed for help in ridding his lands of evil, he was bestowed with a signet ring of iron and brass. This hexagrammical signet gave him divine dominion over all manner of spirits that would infect his lands. Any decree he ordered and sealed with this heavenly ring was a milstone around the neck of those who would wish humanity harm. Soon, the wise king’s lands were rid of all demonic influence, bar one clever spirit. This spirit tempted the king into a game, and the king unwisely agreed. Soon enough, the spirit ate the ring and fled the kingdom. Such is the price of hubris.

The ring isn’t gone, though. It travels throughout the world and down through time, passing from hand to cursed hand. What the wise king failed to tell his subjects of his blessed ring was that you cannot ever vanquish evil. It is a rot that you can only relocate. In the Signet’s case, its wearer becomes the sacrificial lamb for those around him. All the evil that he disposes off comes to haunt him instead. Such is the true test of wisdom.

Name: Signet of the Wise King

Blessing: You may write a document and seal it with the Signet. Any demon, undead or spirit presented with the Sealed Document must follow all the commands written on it, including banishment from the mortal plane.

Curse: Any demon, undead, or spirit that you’ve commanded instantly knows your name and how to find you later. Any banished ones leave for the aether, but create a link to your mind. Through this they can communicate with you at will and experience the world through your senses.

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