Scholars have often debated whether there is indeed a god of love, or whether we have merely personified and anthropomorphised the concept of love. And if even if there is a god of love, what love is he (or she) a god of? Sexual love? Romantic love? Platonic love? Familial love? All encompassing, unconditional love? Love simply raises far too many questions for a god to satisfactorily answer. In fact, love as a concept raises more than enough questions for some scholars to claim that it simply doesn’t exist.

Those who have seen Love’s Arrows in action know that all of the above is a load of old rubbish. Love is very much real, and it can be weaponised to lethal effect. Love’s Arrows are slender arrows made entirely of rose-gold from their fletching to their point. They feel as light as a feather and fit neatly (and magically) into any bow, regardless of the bow’s size. Each Arrow has a Twin, and whenever two targets are hit with each twin of an Arrow, they will firmly believe with every fibre of their being that the other one is their soulmate. No amount of logic, reason, existing lovers, spouses or families will be able to convince them otherwise. Men have turned against their brothers, women against their children, and towns have gone to war all because of Love.

Name: Love’s Arrows

Weapon: Ammunition

Blessing: A character or creature successfully Wounded with a Love Arrow suffers no actual Wound, and the Arrow instantly disappears. Each Arrow has a twin, and a character or creature shot with an Arrow falls deeply and madly in love with the character or creature shot with its twin. A target can fall in love with more than one character or creature at a time.

Curse: Whenever you pair two characters or creatures together in love, a random person who has a positive attitude toward you now has a negative opinion of you equal to their previously held positive opinion.

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