For our runic arrays segment this week we give you a new way to use the arrays.

This week we show you the Dancing Lights array.

Notation: Secondary arrays: Create Copper in the shape of a disk as wide as the array and as thick as 1/1000th the array’s diameter. Primary Array: Rotate Copper at a speed of 4 rps if Copper is present, Push Copper at a speed of 1 m/s and Contain it to the width of the array and as deep as 1/10th the array’s diameter.

Class: Defensive

Description: An array that is perfect for a shield, and one that turns your shield into a weapon itself.

The Dancing Lights can be called an array of arrays. While it does have secondary arrays inside it, it isn’t a complex array because, if you look closely, you’ll see that these secondary arrays do not actually connect to anything. And they don’t have to. Any open space within an array is fair game for another, completely unrelated array. As long as there is an outer boundary around each array to isolate it, you can have as many arrays inside a larger array as you want.

This is an excellent way to tie several arrays together into one compact space, especially if those array normally can’t work with each other.

Take the Dancing Lights as an example. It create two flat copper disks and spins them around the centre of the array. With a single array, this is impossible, because any copper disk created would be created in the centre of the array and rotating it would just rotate it around its own centre axis. By putting these two secondary, and unconnected, arrays inside the larger array you can create those copper disks at any specific spot inside the array that you want.

So these two copper disks won’t be rotating around their own axes, but will be flung around the larger array’s axis like moons around a planet. Two completely (well almost) unrelated arrays working together to create an effect that is greater than the sum of its parts.

As to how to practically use this array? Well you just let it do its job and focus on the battle you have found yourself in. Copper is a highly reflective material, so whomever is facing your shield will see, as the array’s name implies, bright spinning and dancing lights in front of them. These copper disks also serve as a further level of protection, by being able to deflect incoming blades and projectiles. And since they are so thin (and made of metal) they are effective blades in and of themselves, able to cut open flesh and bone as good as anything else. It really is the complete package.

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