With the Sigil System 1.2 released, it was time to start updating our prior mods to get up to speed with the new system.

First on the block is Runes of Power. It used to be called Runic Magic, but now it’s got a snazzy new name and a new pretty cover. We’ve made some tweaks to the magic rules to get it to Sigil 1.2 standards and you’ll see this especially with the Range rules for the incantations.

We’ve also added in some new character creation options (much like in Brightest Night), so if you want to start a game off as a wizard or a mage, these character creation options will help set the mood and the tone for your new magical character.

So if you’re keen on some runic magic (and who isn’t), then click the big image up top or HERE to get your hands on Runes of Power.

And remember to keep watching this space as we’ve got a heap of new mods coming out on the horizon, from character focussed mods to combat mods to even world-generating mods!

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  1. Ok. I was wondering where the world previews had gone from the 1.2 Sigil System. I presume that other blocks will be coming out for Soulbourn, Umbral War, and Avalon?

    1. The realm previews were removed from Sigil 1.2 to keep the new version condensed to only the core rules. All the rules that were in the realm previews will be reworked into the new mods. If you’ve gotten your hands on Brightest Night, you’ll find a lot of the Sunstrike Knight rules from the old Umbral War preview.

      Is there anything specific you wanna see come back as a mod?

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