Enforcer is now at Version 0.3!

Since the last update came out, we’ve been busy little beavers, so there’s quite a bit in this update for you.


Look at those lovely new pieces made by the awesome Pat Callahan. The first three of the exemplar characters have received their art, and this is only the first step. All the money that comes in from Enforcer’s Early Access will go straight towards putting in as much art into the book as humanly possible, so expect to see much more art in future updates!


Sometimes the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. For those times, that’s when you need some cybernetic augmentation, and that’s exactly what we brought in this update. Augments work just like Perks in the game, but instead of having to wait to get them through experience, you can just buy them. Upgrade your Enforcers to make them more than they were, but becoming a machine comes with its own risks.

Extra Psionic Powers

You know what’s great? Psionic powers. You know what’s better? More psionic powers.  

Psionic Feedback

We’ve expanded the psionic feedback table to give you 25 frightening things that can happen if you are unlucky when rolling a Psionic Check. These feedback options are also more flavourful than just giving character a status effect. 

Minion Squads

Minions are wonderful and adorable little things, and we’ve now put them together into their own little groups. If you are in need of some quick opposition in your games, you can now grab a premade Minion Squad from the list and go to town. 


It’s the eternal balancing act, making sure everything is costed properly, and to that end we’ve changed how all the things in Enforcer is costed.

If you haven’t gotten Enforcer yet, you can grab it now by CLICKING HERE!

Enforcer is still in Early Access. This means that everything you need to play Enforcer is here, but it is not 100% finished. The main reason for the Early Access is to get funding for the art. Every dollar you spend on Enforcer is a dollar we give to an artist to make Enforcer look better. While the art is being worked on, we’ll keep polishing up the rules and increasing the lore. Everyone who gets Enforcer in the Early Access stage will get the full digital release for free, and we will also give you the final printed version at cost price.

If you want to know more about Enforcer, then come chat with other players and the developers on our Discord server!

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