In the last Entropy Preview, Charly showed us what humanity looks like in the future. This time, we see the first alien species revealed for Entropy: the Etsyon.

The Etsyon is a large race of super-evolved mammals. They outlived almost all other species which came before the Cosmic Exchange, but they remained remarkably stagnant in their way of thinking and practice. They were tranquil until they were disturbed and forced to mingle with the other species, corrupting their neutrality and millennia of traditions.

An Etsyon Assassin

The Etsyons used to spend years in meditation and self-empowerment and purpose. However, since they met with the many species, they strayed away from their root and became much more open to new ideas. Living calmly on their homeworld, in the Crystom system, they train their incredible psionic powers and now share their way of life, as well as adopting a more outgoing stance, and sometimes adopt wrong examples to the letter.

An Etsyon Occultist

Their origin is mired in mystery, but since they took a taste of the galactic life and even the downtown lifestyle which some other species’ capital provides, they are now spread all around space at the dismay of the Etsyon Sages, which are traditionalists purists.

An Etyson Sage

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