Djinn are powerful aetherial creatures with the power of smoke and fire. While they make their homes in the deserts and wastelands outside civilisation’s reach, they often intrude onto our lands to wreak havoc and conquer mortal realms. Many don’t make it back to their wasteland sanctuaries, and those few that are not killed in spectacular displays of arcane might, are trapped into containers by powerful magi to become slaves of the men they so recently terrorised.

The magi’s enchantments are not permanent, and the lamps the Djinn are sealed in are not their eternal prisons. The magi believed in rehabilitation and allowed the Djinn to work off their debt to humanity before being released. The magi hoped that the Djinn would be humbled by their experience and have gained empathy with humanity for the years they spent living amongst them.

Name: Djinni’s Lamp

Type: Artefact

Blessing: The Lamp’s owner can make any three requests of the Djinn within it that the Djinn must complete if it is within his power and abilities to do. Once the request is completed, the Djinn is instantly transported back inside of his Lamp. If the ownership changes to and from the owner, he does not gain more wishes. The Djinn cannot be commanded to injure itself or endanger its Lamp.

Curse: When any owner of the Lamp has made his third wish, after this request is completed, the Djinn is freed from the Lamp, and the nearest character is drawn into the Lamp to become the new servant. The released Djinn’s Skills, Perks and Quirks can be found HERE.

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