Made of the essences of smoke and fire, the Djinn are often called the mirror-image of humanity. They bear an aetherial body and mortal soul, where we are quite the opposite. They are bound to this world, yet are not made from this world, carrying the aether in their veins. The Djinn are unable to pass from our realm, tied to it as they are with their mortal souls. This has led the Djinn to look on with envy at humanity’s unique ability to pass onto the infinite realm beyond mortal life. This envy has led to a rivalry between the two peoples, and where there is rivalry there is often conflict.

The conflicts over the aeons have pushed the Djinn to the wastelands and the deserts, where their smoke and fire forms have made them eminently suitable to the environment. This is not to say that they are isolationist hermits. Quite the contrary. With their innate connection to fire and smoke, many have become powerful sorcerous warlords, attracting ne’er-do-wells and ruffians to their causes to pillage the civilised lands of man. Others prefer to use their fiery magic to trap and waylay travellers that pass through their wastes. A few, though, have set aside their differences with humanity, to become powerful allies against humanity’s other supernatural foes.

Combat 50 Social 55
Explore 45 Mental 65
P. Wounds 11 M. Wounds 14

Perk: Eruption: Spend a Sigil to deal fire-based damage equal to your Special/Mental Skill Level to a character/object within Medium range and all other characters/objects within Close range of the target. Damage may be reduced by Skill Checks and Armour as normal.

Quirk: Wish: Whenever you accept a favour or gift from someone, you must comply with three of their requests, if it is within your power and ability to complete. Failure or refusal to complete the requests will mean that you cannot spend any Sigils.

Equipment: The Djinn’s elemental form provides it with enough protection to give it a natural Armour rating of 10. The smoke and fire that constantly wreathes in and around its form also give it a natural offensive capability, with its fits counting as Light Melee Weapons without the -5 penalty to hit.

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