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In a world where magic and technology have fused together, where the limits that man is capable of have been broken, where a man can destroy the world with a stroke of a pen, the poor starve and the rich prosper off the blood of innocence. A world that should be a utopia has been turned by greed and pride into a battlefield where the poor wage war in the shadows for the ambitions of the wealthy. You are one of these scoundrels, these rogues, these pirates who struggle for the sport of the rich to achieve the glory, the riches, the power to break your chains and surpass the limits of The Runed Age.


Ruined Man Promo 2 photo ruined city 1.jpg

The Runed Age is built on the Sigil System, a robust d100 roll-under system that allows you to play as narratively or simulationist as you want. The d100 genre of systems is a tried a true roleplaying method, and what sets the Sigil System (and thus the Runed Age) apart from the rest is its combat and wounds system, which reflects the stresses and rigours of combat on the body to make combat as realistic as possible. This means that every fight in the Runed Age is a gritty, epic and lethal struggle for survival where you need to be prepared to do your best just to outlive your opponent. Added onto this is a comprehensive and indepth character generation that takes you from the birth of your character all the way until the game starts to give you a well defined and rounded person with all the wants, needs and quirks of a real person.

The draw card is, of course, the runic magic system. Our runic magic system allows you as the player to handcraft any and every spell you have ever dreamt of. We give you the tools and then your imagination is your workshop. Any spell or magical effect that you could want can be made with this runic magic system, and what’s best is that you don’t have to be a mage or wizard to use it. Everyone and everything in the setting is covered in this magic, so let your imagination run wild!

Ruined Man Promo 2 photo ruined city 1.jpg

The Runed Age takes place in the world of Ārd during the epic age of exploration. As you move through the book you will move through the history and lore of the world, through the times of myths and legends, gods and monsters, conquests and wars until you end up in the grand metropolis of Middelburg, a wretched hive of a million souls. In this dangerous city, you will work in the shadows as a “footman”, a paid criminal, doing what needs to be done to put bread on the table, all the while looking over your shoulder to make sure there isn’t a knife there waiting for you. It’s a dog-eat-dog city out there and only the most cunning and brutal will survive, so you had best start making a name for yourself.

One of the unique features of the Runed Age is its runic magic system, which allows the player to craft every part of the spell themselves and tailor each and every magical effect to the context in which it is needed. That means that instead of your characters being the wizards and mages with their spellbooks, you are and all the power is in your hands. This runic magic system comes with its own set of rules and we have streamlined them here just for you. Click the banner above or here to learn the rules of the runes and arrays as portrayed in the Runed Age.


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