Once upon a time, an unlucky man tripped over something he did not see. When he looked backed, there was nothing. Convinced that he wasn’t going crazy, he investigated some more, feeling around for what could be there. This very unlucky man sliced open his hand against seemingly thin air and watched his blood hang there suspended in the air before sliding off… something… and dripping to the ground. A few more gingerly touches later and the unlucky man had a good hold of the Invisible Blade!

It seemed too good to be true, and it was. The blade was sharp, well balanced, kept its edge without needing to be sharpened, and no one would see it coming. Surely nothing could go wrong. For while, nothing indeed did go wrong. The unlucky man had quite the lucky streak as his enemies never knew what hit them. Unfortunately, and good things must come to an end, and one day the unlucky man drank too much and danced too long into the night. He woke up stark naked in a house he had never visited before, and could not remember where he had put his belongings. And so the unlucky man’s story with the Invisible Blade came to an end. Who knows where it is now?

Name: Invisible Blade

Weapon: Medium Melee Weapon

Blessing: The entire sword is completely invisible in the entirety of the light and auditory ranges. It cannot be seen or heard by anyone or any device; even supernatural senses cannot see or hear it. Anything applied to the blade (e.g. paint or dust) will fall away by the end of the scene/encounter, leaving no trace.

Curse: The blade is also entirely invisible to you.

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