Made of the most lustrous and shining silver that never dulls nor tarnishes, and less than a foot in length, the Labyrinthine Twine is as much a curiosity as it is a wonder. This short metal thread seems to look like any pendant or bracelet until you hold it firmly in your hand, close your eyes, and concentrate on exactly where you want to go, even if you have never been there. When you open your eyes, there you are, arriving at your desired location, seemingly instantly.

Unfortunately, it’s not teleportation. While it feels instantly, it takes as long as it takes for you to physically move from where you were to where you are. When you concentrate on your destination, the Twine takes over your body and moves it for you. You are in a deep sleep, unable to be awoken until you get to your destination or someone pries the Twine from your hands. Until then, you are a walking zombie, doing the bare minimum to stay alive. Eating only when ravished, mutely paying for whatever transport you need, staring blankly at those around you. More than one Twine traveller has been robbed, mugged, assaulted, ravished or simply murdered while on their way, as the Twine does not protect you; it merely guides you to where you need to go.

Name: Labyrinthine Twine

Blessing: While holding the Twine, succeed on an Intuition Skill Check to know the best route how to get to the location you wish to go to. You cannot articulate this knowledge, but you will immediately start moving to that location.

Curse: While travelling to your desired location, you will be in a trance and near catatonic. When you arrive at your location, you will awaken and have no memory of how you arrived there, what transpired, or how long it took.

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