Neither the mortal realms nor the aether were created from nothing. The world creates the aether just as the aether creates the world. A continuous cycle of symbiotic creation and destruction that has gone on for an eternity and will continue on to infinity. Within the aether, the entities responsible for this creation often cross over to the mortal realm to see what they’ve created from their creations’ point of view. Unlike lesser spirits, these entities cannot pierce the veil of the aether, and so they possess mortals and take over their bodies to experience the mortal realm. These are the Demiurges, and what a terror they are.

They come to the mortal realm for many reasons, but all of them stay for one reason: life is intoxicating. There is something about life that the endless multitudeness of the aether cannot replicate, and so the Demiurges fight to remain here. They cannot bring their full might to bear in a physical body, but they still intimately understand the laws of creation, and how to bend it to their will. Demiurges care little for other people, instead preferring the raw essence of creation, and for that we are fortunate. Demiurges can warp reality to their whim, so only the very brave or very foolish attempt to vanquish them.

P. Wounds3M. Wounds40

Perk: Reality Warp: As an action, roll a Logic/Mental Skill Check. On a success, note the first digit of your result. You may change, add, or remove that many minor aspects of the current scene/encounter/environment (e.g.: you may add or remove objects from the scene, change one item to another, etc). You cannot use this ability to injure or kill any character. The GM will arbitrate what counts a “minor aspect”. If the GM believes the aspect you wish to alter is too significant, he may decide this requires you to spend more than one of your roll’s result.

Quirk: Knowledge is Power: Whenever anyone mentions (within hearing distance) a fact about you that is not immediately obvious from your outward appearance, roll a d100 and take the result as a Mental Wound. If the GM believes that the fact is a significant secret about you, he may increase the Wound severity by one step.

Equipment: A Demiurge wears no armour and bears no arms.

Sanctuary: Demiurges make their homes as far from other humans as inhumanly possible. In this remote sanctuary, a Demiurge can use any ability, power or Perk from any other character in Medium Range. He may also use his Mental Skill to telekinetic move objects or characters within Medium Range. And whenever he inflicts any Wound, he may choose whether it becomes a Physical or Mental Wound.

Mythic Actions: Senseless: All other characters in Near Range must pass a Constitution Skill Check or become blind, deaf, and dumb until the start of the Demiurge’s next turn. Shift: Forcibly teleport any character in Medium Range to anywhere within Far Range, provides there is sufficient space for them. Transfer Wound: transfer one Physical Wound of any severity to any other character in Medium Range. Roll for random hit location when doing this to a PC.

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