As large as a human skull and as heavy as the souls of men, the Orb of the Twin Suns still sits comfortably in a man’s hand, as if it was made to be hefted and thrown about. It is an ancient weapon from a more primitive time, when throwing something was the best way of defeating an opponent at range. Legend tells of a kind spirit of life and peace that created this Orb and granted it to a hero so that he may defeat the villain that was poised to plunge that ancient realm into darkness.

The Orb draws its power from the strands of fate surrounding its wielder. The metaphysical sun within it has joined with the soulful sun within its wielder. By ‘stealing’ some of his luck, the Orb can influence the future to be able to bounce and rebound with far greater accuracy and precision than should be possible. It does, however, mean that the more the Orb is used, the more unlucky its wielder becomes; but this is a sacrifice that any hero ought to be willing to make.

Name: Orb of the Twin Suns

Weapon: Light Thrown Weapon

Blessing: Whenever you throw the Orb, it will bounce for as many times as the number of Sigils you have remaining. You can control the direction and aim of each bounce, although the GM may call for further Throw Skill Checks for these additional bounces. When it has finished all of its bounces, the Orb will return back to you in a straight line. If there is anything blocking its way, it will fall motionless to the ground.

Curse: Whenever you throw the Orb, you will need to spend a Sigil, otherwise it will not bounce. In addition, should you not hit your intended target with any of its bounces, you must spend an additional Sigil.

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