Most vampires abhor their existence. They hate what they have become, and rue the day they became a vampire to haunt the living. Vampire Lords, however, revel in their undead majesty. Their vampiric lives are far richer than their mortal selves ever were, both financially and experientially. They have lived for centuries and slaughtered thousands to slake their thirst and power their immoral immortality. They have everything they could possibly want: power, prestige, wealth, and all the time in the world. They are at the apex of existence, and all they need to do is remain there.

Unlike regular vampires, Lord has land, titles, subjects, servants, a military and the wealth to keep it all running smoothly. He is as much a lord, if not more so, as his mortal counterparts. However, his long lifespan has meant that his power consolidates over time, as does his network with which to use that power to influence others. A Vampire Lord is not simply a terror on the battlefield, he is a cunning and conniving political opponent. Other nobility rarely know that he is undead, or if they do, they are given incentives to look the other way. Thus the Vampire Lord is secure in his position, and it will take as cunning a foe as he is to remove him from that high post.

P. Wounds13M. Wounds12

Perk: Faze: Spend an action to force all characters in front of you in Close Range to succeed on a Constitution Skill Check or forfeit their next turn.

Quirk: Obsessive Compulsive: The GM chooses a specific type of obsessive compulsion for you. This can be any repetitive behaviour such as counting small objects in your path, knocking on all doors you find, untying every knot you see, opening windows, etc. Whenever the opportunity arises for you to perform this repetitive behaviour, you must do so or suffer a Significant Mental Wound.

Equipment: Armour is for peasants, so the Lord wears none, giving him an Armour Rating of 0. For weapons, he bears a gentleman’s set of a parrying dagger and rapier, both Light Melee Weapons. With these weapons, instead of taking a penalty to parrying, the Lord gains a +15 bonus instead.

Sanctuary: Vampire Lords make their homes in large gothic estates, as macabre and grand as they are. Within this sanctuary, a Vampire Lord may make a Mental Skill Check to summon as many zombies as the first digit of the roll’s result. He may transform into a swarm of bats, granting him a free reroll when avoiding attacks, but halving the result of any offensive Combat Skill Check. Whenever he inflicts a Physical Wound, he may heal one of his Wounds of equal or lesser severity.

Mythic Actions: Mist Step: The Vampire Lord transforms into mist and coalesces anywhere within Near Range. Charm Offensive: make an Opposed Combat Skill Check against a character in Close Range. If successful, the Vampire Lord bites him and the GM controls that character for the next turn. Cleave: make one opposed Combat Skill Check that targets all characters in front of the Vampire Lord in Close Range.

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