They say he was the greatest wizard of all time, yet none today know his true name. All that remains of this once great mage is his staff and the legends that surround both it and him. The Falcon’s Staff is a weathered and beaten old staff that a casual onlooker would never even pretend to suggest carries great power within it. As its name implies, it is topped with a carving of a falcon’s head, and ancient and faded runes are carved all over the staff.

Legends say that the Staff was the Falcon’s greatest tool, and many of the legendary acts he committed was done with its power. Yet the candle that burns twice as hot, burns twice as fast. The myth says that the more the Falcon used it, the more of his spirit went into it, until one day he simply faded away. His apprentice took up his mantle and his staff, but the same fate befell him. He too passed away before his time, yet he too was named the greatest wizard of his age.

Name: Staff of the Falcon

Weapon: Heavy Melee Weapon

Blessing: Whenever you speak an Incantation (from the Runes of Power mod), you may choose to either gain +25 to your Skill Check or a reroll, without needing to spend a Sigil. In addition, you may elect to use the head of the staff as a the source of the magical effect regardless of the Source of Creation Rune used.

Curse: Whenever you fail a Skil Check involved in an incantation, you instantly age 1d10 years (or 2d10 for critical failures). If this puts your age into a higher bracket, reduce your Skill Leves instantly. You can avoid aging by taking a Mental Wound at your lowest available Wound Slot. This Wound cannot be healed and never refreshes.

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