The implement of the Sapphire Sages is less of a staff, and more of a cane. Yet, the added alliterative appeal of the name has ensured its survival down through the ages. The Staff is entirely indistinguishable from any other cane or walking stick, perhaps with more decoration, but what makes it unique is that it carries a sliver of a Sapphire Sage’s soul. Because of this, the Staff can temporarily infuse a person with the power of a Sapphire Sage to absorb the abilities and talents of others.

The Sapphire Sages are an ancient and secretive order. Little is known about them other than their trademark: they can devour the essence of other things in order to gain their power. The Sages are rightly feared and shunned for their mystical cannibalism, but this macabre talent gives them some of the most varied and strange powers known in all the realms. No two Sapphire Sages are alike, and with their Staff, others can get a small glimpse into that strange and secretive society.

Name: Sapphire Sage Staff

Weapon: Medium Melee Weapon

Blessing: When you successfully Wound a target with the Staff, select one of the target’s Perks or supernatural abilities/talents. You are treated as having that Perk and/or can use that ability until the end of the scene/encounter by spending a Sigil for each use.

Curse: If the roll to hit with the Staff was greater than your Will Skill Level, your GM selects one of the target’s Quirks or negative aspects of his supernatural abilities/talents. Until the end of the scene/encounter, you are treated as having that Quirk/negative aspect and all of its rules apply to you.

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