Of all the myriad creatures that live across the aether’s seas, there are none that hate humanity as much as the Demon Princes. Man is everything a demon is not, and has everything he could want. Avarice and jealousy form the core of the Princes. They will never rest until they have taken everything that belongs to humanity and despoil everything that they cannot steal.

Fortunately for these Princes, there are men who would sell out their fellow man in addition to their own souls. The Princes depend on these cultists and lunatics to summon them through the aetheric veil and into the mortal realm. Once they step foot on our soil, they can begin to dominate the minds of men and bend them to their will. Simply looking at a Demon Prince and being in its presence can cloud the mind and oppress the senses. The Princes use this and more to their advantage to prepare their devious plans to enact the fall of mankind.

P. Wounds14M. Wounds11

Perk: Abyssal Transfixion: Spend a Sigil. On a successful opposed Shoot/Combat Skill Check, the target suffers damage equal to your Will/Mental Skill Level and is paralysed for number of turns/narrative-actions equal to the first digit of your Intimidate/Social Skill Level.

Quirk: True Name: Whenever someone says your full name, you are stunned unless you choose to suffer a Significant Mental Wound. If someone gives you a command using your full name, you must follow it unless you suffer a Significant Mental Wound (commands cannot make you injure yourself).

Equipment: Demon Princes wear otherworldy and grotesque armour and trappings that provides them with an Armour Rating of 20. They carry with them instruments of torture and pain such as cat-o-nine-tails that count as Medium Melee Weapons but deal double damage to a character’s Blood Level.

Sanctuary: When not found in hell, Demon Princes make their homes in the sanctuaries of the damned cults that summoned them. In these sanctuaries, all characters that start their turn/narrative-action within Close Range of the Demon Prince must succeed on a Will Skill Check or be stunned for one turn/narrative-action; Demon Princes may reroll a failed opposed Skill Check to resist or avoid a supernatural ability used against them; and when successful in an opposed Will/Mental Skill Check with another character, the Demon Prince can steal one of the target’s Sigils.

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