The magnum opus and dream of all alchemists, and for good reason. The Philosopher’s Stone carries within it the purest essence of transmutation, allowing it to alter the physical make up of an object to match another’s. You can turn lead into gold, glass into diamonds, and soil into titanium. With the Philosopher’s Stone in hand, a man is both the richest and most powerful man in the world. It is no surprise, then, to learn that countless men have died and whole wars have been fought over the secret to its creation.

But that secret is one best left hidden, for the creation of a true Philosopher’s Stone is as mired in blood as the wars fought over it. The essence of transmutation that the Stone carries is stolen from the souls of man. To create just one Stone requires the slaughter of scores of men, but the bloodshed doesn’t end there. The Stone is not an eternal fountain of magic. Each use wears it out, and must thus be replaced. Whomever carries and uses a Philosopher’s Stone must continually sacrifice others to keep it fed and happy, unless you want to lose all that wealth an power.

Name: Philosopher’s Stone

Blessing: The Philosopher’s Stone has a Transmutation Level that starts at 50. You may touch it to an object and transform the object’s material into what you are holding or touching with your other hand. This reduces the Stone’s Transmutation Level by 1d10. Your GM may increase the number of d10s depending on how large the transmuted object is.

Curse: To increase the Philosopher’s Stone’s Transmutation Level, you must ritually sacrifice a human whilst holding the Stone. For each person you sacrifice for the Stone, it’s Transmutation Level is increased by 1d10.

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