Some say that Nagas are the result of ancient elves corrupted by fel energies and their own dark temperaments until their outward appearance mirrored their inner rot. Others say that they are the creation of some malicious god or mad alchemist, set loose on the world to wreak havoc. No one entirely agrees on the details of their origins, but all are in agreement that they are not natural. Even the Nagas’ own lore and oral history paint them as being invaders and colonisers to the land, nor born from it.

Nagas are best described as enormous snake-like creatures with the torso and arms of a man. They spend half their time underwater and only come on land to raid, pillage, kill, and steal what they can. Nagas create nothing of their own, and steal everything they need to build their crude underwater shelters and use for combat. They are difficult enough to fight on land, with their writing tails, poison projectiles and tough skins; but they are a nightmare in the water. There are entire lakes and stretches of river where men no longer sail, as the Nagas devour anything that floats on the water.

P. Wounds6M. Wounds6

Perk: Eerie Soundwave: Remove all ongoing beneficial effects from all other characters within Near Range.

Quirk: Molting: Roll a d100 at the start of each session. If you roll doubles, your skin will molt off over the course of the session. All tattoos and other inked/printed/painted features of your skin will be removed. You suffer -20 to all Social Skill Checks while molting. Your GM may apply additional penalties to certain tasks affected by your molting. You leave a trail of skin flakes wherever you go.

Equipment: A Naga’s thick scaley hide gives it an Armour Rating of 5. Nagas can wield any weapon a mortal can, but prefer to use either a long spear (Heavy Melee Weapon) or two light swords (Light Melee Weapons).

Sanctuary: Nagas are amphibian creatures, preferring the shores of rivers, lakes and swamps. In this damp and murky sanctuary, they can spit poison which counts as a Light Near Range Weapon that causes double bleeding damage; all successful melee attacks automatically grapple their opponent in addition to doing damage; and if they are killed, they will revive at the bottom of their watery sanctuary in 6 days as a newborn naga.

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