Death comes for us all. We don’t know where. We don’t know when. But we know we’ll see him one day. He is an inevitability and that is why we fear the reaper. On his pale horse, he can ride through villages and towns and reap thousands of souls during times of war or plague; or he can sneak in like a thief in the night to claim just one soul amongst hundreds. With his scythe, he severs the bonds between the physical and the spiritual, allowing the soul to leave this realm and move on.

One would think that this is too great a power for mortals to have, and yet the battered and worn grain scythe is here in our realm. It looks and feels like an ordinary well-used farming implement, and thus is often left forgotten for generations. But when it is used to reap the soul from a living person, then its true power is felt. This premature spiritual severing releases a huge amount of aetheric energy into the wielder of the scythe, empowering him as never seen before. Intoxicating and dangerous, it can turn the psychopomp into a mass murderer.

Name: Death’s Scythe

Weapon: Heavy Melee Weapon

Blessing: When you inflict a Wound with the Scythe, the target is considered marked by death. If a marked character dies before the end of the scene/encounter, you gain his soul. He cannot be revived or resurrected. You can spend his soul as a Sigil, to negate all damage from a single hit, or to reduce the severity of a Wound by one step.

Curse: When an unmarked character dies in a scene/encounter that you’re in, you must guide their souls to the afterlife by vanishing from the scene/encounter until that scene is concluded. If you do not, the soul becomes a hostile poltergeist. Roll a d100, the result of which is used for all of the poltergeist’s Skills and number of Wound Slots. Poltergeists cannot be marked.

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